Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


11. im back

Dina POV.

where is my phone!!!!!!

"honey whats wrong" mum said

"my phone mum I need it"

"honey get to school  I will help you to find"

"arh! fine ... cant wait to be in sch"

I saw becky outside so I waved goodbye to my parents and went in the car...

"so??"becky said

"I am finally moving to your sch "

"I am telling boys will fall for you"
"hahahah" we continued talking...


I saw the boys and we went to them

" welcome back !!!!"

"hey guys"

did not saw luke ..

"where is luke?"

"um..we don't know" calum said

the guys broght becky to the office while I went to my locker>>>

when I was walking to my locker someone nock me down.. sudden.. I remember memory..

" o sweet pie im sorry " A hot guys said

"no its okay idint see"

"Im new here so im lost"

"well im Dina "


"I guess we are best friends then"


we walked to our first class ..we had our classes all in the same class..first was English...yeay

woahhh the teacher said Nathan will be my parthner and luke will will be with Kathie..the names sound familiar..

"so we are partners"

"yeah I glad"

suddenly luke rushed into class..'

"Im sorry im late"

hemmings !!!!go sit next to Kathie you place change>"

luke look a me and he saw Nathan.. and he sat with kathie

Kathie was flirting with him..i got jelous...


Luke POV..

I sAW MY GF WITH a new guy and im not okay with it ....arh

during lunch she came with natha  "hey guys Nathan is new here"

"hwy Nathan"the guys said

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