Always with you !

Dina move to Australia with her family she ended up meeting a group of friends!


8. hospital memory



we rushed dina to the hospital straight away.. dina's parents can't stop crying after seeing dina with a lot of blood everywhere ...after 1hr all of us was was waiting outside when the doctor came..

"yll dina's family" the doctor said..

"yes!! how is she" dina's mum said 

"well she has lost a lot of blood and she might forget some of her bad and good memory , but when she wake up don't rush her too much wait until we checker her memory and tell you guys okay?"

"oh my baby girl" dina's parents cried 


we all sat down waiting for the calling i turned around and no sign of the boys so i went to the visitor room and saw the boys calming luke ...

i walked over to them and ...

"she gonna remember us you heard what the doctor said "

"what if not ?"luke said
"she will trust me"
....after about an hour the doctor came out ...

"you can go in and be careful "

we nod and all of us went in ...


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