Give me a sign

Toni can't speak. It's not that she's bad at it, she just can't. Her vocal chords were screwed up at age 3, and since then, she's been mute. She grew up, entirely silent, and used sign language to communicate with everyone.
Ed sings, all the time. He doesn't know what it's like to not use words to express himself. Can she teach him, or will she fail to show him the silence is sometimes the loudest song you can play?


1. A big problem

I've become quite frustrated at how many Ed Sheeran fanfictions have One Direction incorporated somehow. I do not support One Direction, as they do not write their own music an I'm also more of a punk/rock girl myself, but it's cool if you like them, because it doesn't really affect me in any way. Anyways, here's a completely improvised fanfiction without One Direction!

I have a problem. This is not one of those stupid problems, like breaking a nail (mine are short stubs anyways so that's not my problem) or not getting a new phone for my birthday. No this was something I've grown up with and this affects me every day of my life. I don't speak. I'm entirely mute. My vocal chords had been damaged at a very young age, and after a failed surgery, I was told I could never speak again.

I always talk to people with sign language, or paper and pen if they don't know it. Sure, it's frustrating that I can't sing, or whisper, or talk any more, but I've gotten used to not using my vocal chords, after so long. I learned sign language not long after the surgery, as well as my family too.

I went to school as any other kid, but university kind of sucked. Since I'd landed myself a scholarship to a super prestigious school, not many people were all that willing to help me communicate with others, so I usually sat in the front row and wrote down whatever I had wanted to say.

I'm 22 now, I'm a fashion designer for a company that an old childhood friend of mine had made. We make clothing that's modest yet tasteful. I wear stuff I make all the time.

It's pretty great working there, since a lot of my co-workers have learned to hold their own with sign language to communicate with me easily.

I was driving to work one morning when traffic got really heavy so I texted Jeremy, my boss, saying I was going to be late this morning, so he just told me I can make up for it in the afternoon. I didn't care if I stayed late today, the office is fun anyways. One of the janitors is deaf, so she and I get along pretty well.

I heard a song being sang outside my car, so I shut off the radio and rolled my window down. I could decipher the song as Sing by Ed Sheeran. I smiled and enjoyed the off-tune singing of strangers in the street. The song ended and they all screeched, out of joy, I think. I had no clue what was going on, but I wanted out. I took a different turn then them, and made an entirely new way to work just to escape their screams.

I made it into the parking lot not too long after trying out my new shortcut and parked my Mini in my usual spot. I retrieved my things from the trunk and walked into work, hauling my things on a trolley behind me. It wasn't that heavy, luckily.

I pulled it into the elevator with me, pushing the top button, which was where my office was. I finally got to my office and got to work on my latest design, something that I was told was for a charity fashion show. I made several different outfits, and by the time I was done, it was around 12 o'clock.

I went out for lunch with Maya, our go-to girl for finding the perfect model for each design I make. We went to some new vegan place downtown. When we got there, she put the car in the hands of the valet boy, which worried me slightly, but she assured me she was paying them, so they wouldn't have a reason to mess up her car.

We gout our table and I sat down like a lady with my ankles crossed and my coat on the back of my chair. I was looking through the menu when Maya suddenly clenched onto my wrist. "Oh my god, is that Ed Sheeran?"

I put down the menu and rolled my eyes. "Maya, you're a model, what does it matter if that's Ed Sheeran? He's human, like us."

She sighed as if she were in a dream, "But he's so gorgeous."

"He's also human." I reminded her for the second time, "I'm sure it's annoying to him, having everyone obsess over him all the time."

I held in a lot of other stuff I wanted to say. Like that he was indeed cute, or how his lyrics made me shiver as if I were colder than ice, and let's not talk about his hair, god, his hair. Was I ever going to sign this out loud? Nope. Would I be blogging about it on tumblr? Yup.

Maya sighed once more and agreed to let it go. She ordered my food and hers since the waiter, Henry, had no idea what sign language was. He was sweet, he even tried to learn what I had said.

When he came back with our food, he set down a glass of champagne as well as our orders. "For you, beautiful lady." He bowed to me and pointed to the ginger that Maya and I were talking about earlier. He then got called away to another table.

"So, now can I fangirl over him?" Maya grinned, giving me a hard time about it.

I glared at her, "shut up."

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