Looks. || L. H.

tweaking a few things about yourself makes a large difference. ©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


3. wrong attention.

           After the 'small' run-in with Lily, I knew I had to step up my game. I put my books into my locker, walking towards the eating area. The same large group of girls came up to me. Gracie linked her arm through my left arm, while another old best friend of mine, Isabel, a gorgeous brunette who literally looked like she deserved to be a model. I flipped my hair over the shoulder, copying the cliché popular girls from movies. Chaps whistled and watched while girls envied and glared. I waved at each, determined to spread through the school quicker than you could say, "Luke is a man-whore." Speaking of the devil, he was walking right my way when the group of us pushed through the double doors. 

         "Hey, babe," Luke chuckled as he watched the girls around me fix themselves. I rolled my eyes. He had no effect on me, especially after all that we've been through. I knew that this was an act. An act to keep himself at the top and to make sure that everyone knew he was the 'bad boy' of the school. Being the regular person that I was, and not the shy and conservative nerd, I scoffed.

         "What do you need, Luke?" I asked, annoyed. He motioned to my 'friends' to leave, and they did so without hesitation. Gracie and Isabel turned their heads, and I waved at them.

         "I'll see you later," I assured them. I looked back up at Luke, who was still way taller than my short frame. Which unfortunately, gave him perfect access to view of my cleavage. I rolled my eyes as I had done previously as he peered down my shirt. I crossed my arms. Luke sighed softly, as if he was sad. Without warning, Luke grabbed my wrist. I tried to pull back, quite weak compared to his muscular stature. He pulled me into the supply closet, and my eyes went wide in fear. I had often heard stories in health about rape, and sexual intercourse, and I was scared out of my mind. Luke shoved me against the wall after closing the door, not bothering to lock it. Luke placed his hands on my waist. 

      "You're so innocent," he whispered darkly and seductively into my ear. He took his hands, wrapping them around my wrists, guiding them up to around his neck. I shivered at his touch. I know I should have done what any logical, practical girl would have done in this situation, kneed him where the sun doesn't shine, and leave him in the supply closet cringing and holding his crotch, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Even though on the outside I didn't look like a coward any more, I had fit straight into my nerdy persona. With the looks comes the personality. I had to gain my confidence back, because I really lost it when Luke dropped me for those rotten chaps, whose names I don't even remember, I think it's Michael, Caleb, and Asher... 

      I fell into Luke's trap as he started to slide his hand up my shirt, that is until, we were caught by the janitor, a rough, very disciplined lady named Helena. The only thought in my mind;




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