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1. invisible.

         I had it pretty good. Wealth, YouTube, music, sports. No. I was definitely not the most popular in school. Most likely the least. But you see, I had it better than other 'nerd's because I'm ignored. I wasn't bullied or shoved around. Even though I had the money for it, I didn't wear specific clothes to attract attention. I liked life the way it was; simple, quiet, drama-free. That was, until I decided to start all over again.



        Luke, Luke, Luke. How all the girls loved him. He's what you would call the 'bad boy' of the school. I know what you're thinking: "This sounds as cliché as a fanfiction on Wattpad," but what you don't know is that I knew things about Luke that no one else knew. He was my best friend. From birth all the way up to fifth-year in primary school, where he decided he wanted to sit with the other kids for dinner. That was the end of our friendship. He changed. I changed. He hung out with the wrong crowd. I shrunk into the crowd. I became nothing but thin air in Luke's mind. I changed my looks completely. I went from the small tot fashionista prodigy, to that nerd that sits in the front of the classroom. No one recognised me as Ava Cambridge any more. You'd be surprised at how changing the smallest things make you invisible to the world. I wasn't hurt because I was invisible. I was relaxed. 

         I looked down at my outfit; a pair of straight-leg trousers, a green Hollister jumper, and black Keds. My hair was put back in a sleek ponytail as always. I looked down at my paper, my cheeks burning. I cleaned out the screens of my glasses, sliding them back onto my face, looking back up as the teacher started class. The day dragged on as always. 


        I lived alone. In a large home. Do you know how lonely that is? My parents are divorced, since my mum decided she wanted to run off with a man less than half her age when I was only 9. My father was a world-renowned neurosurgeon, and that was the reason why we have wealth. One thing I absolutely loathe doing is bragging. What's the point of bragging anyway? To show off? That's not very bright of you. After driving home, I went straight upstairs. My school work had already been completed in class, so I went onto my laptop. My laptop was resting on my desk, and I kicked off my shoes, pulling my laptop to me, where I was sitting on the bed. I had received a few likes on a picture that I had posted on Tumblr of myself in my new top hat. I logged out of it, going onto Twitter. I had over 3,000 followers. Not much, but I kept it that way for a reason. I only received that much because of the connections my father has. 

         I walked over to my closet. My regular clothes (for my nerd self) were placed closer to the door, whereas my better clothes and accessories were placed further in the back. I ran my fingers over my crops and skinnies, sighing softly as I missed the way I used to dress. Plan Popularity would take place in a matter of hours.


       And for once, I felt good about getting attention.


a/n: teaser, obviously since the chapter's not that long. give me positive feedback, and more chapters will come yur way.

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