Looks. || L. H.

tweaking a few things about yourself makes a large difference. ©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


2. dead wrong.

             The next day my outfit was put together carelessly; black The 1975 crop, a white skater skirt, matched up with my red Doc Martens. My hair was down and put to one side, my bangs held back by a red rose dried flower crown made by myself. I smiled at my appearance while I applied a dark red lipstick to my lips, with a wing-tip eye liner. Mascara was brushed onto my lashes, although it wasn't really needed with the natural length of my eyelashes. My contacts were stuck in my eyes so I wasn't wearing my horrid thick prescription glasses. I picked up my black bag, picking up my keys which were resting on my desk next to my laptop. I decided to post a quick Tweet on Twitter, something I rarely ever did.


             '@AvaCambridge: Feeling good about today.' 



            When I reached school, I parked next to a red Ferrari which looked regular compared to my black Aston Martin, given to me as a birthday gift from my father. Luke and the school slut, Lily Parker, were leaning against the wall of the side of the school, swallowing and groping each other. I sneered at them, twisting my face up and walking inside the school. All eyes were instantly on me. Several girls that I recognised from primary school came up to me. 

          "Ava?" A fashion trend follower redhead named Gracie says to me. I smile, throwing her a little wave.

          "Nice to see you, Gracie," I says softly, pushing through the swarm of girls that were chattering noisily about me. I noticed one of the girls from Lily's clique, Alexa, come inside, telling me that Lily and Luke had finished drowning each other in their saliva and had come back inside. Lily's eyes were immediately stuck to where I was standing.  I threw my hair over my shoulder and walked to my locker. The sound of her heels were heard, along with several other pairs of her minions. I turned to look at Lily when I came to my locker, smiling at her.

         "Who the fuck are you?" Lily asked in a harsh tone. I rolled my eyes. 

         "Wouldn't you like to know. Why don't you ask Luke?" I said sarcastically, turning back around and taking my books out of my locker very quickly and reflexively before she could slice my fingers after slamming my locker shut. She gasped as she took sight of my very recognizable thin gold chain anklet.

         "Wow, so the old Ava Cambridge is back, isn't she?" Lily asked, smirking and leaning against the locker, her already low-cut top gaining her even more attention as she moved her hair away from her neck.

         "So you think that you can just come back with your old sense of style and be on top?" She asked in an amusing tone, snorting. She continued, 


         "Well, if that's the case, then you're dead wrong."


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