Water Girl

The Water Girl lives alone on the water, She comes out a night when the moon is high and travels the water. Meet Luna.


3. The Walk

After dinner, I unpacked my things.

"Aunt Jane! Can I talk to you?" I call down to her.

"Sure, Aftan, please just come on downstairs." She says.

"Kay." I reply. I go downstairs and meet her at the counter/bar.

"What do you need, Hun?" She asks me.

"I was just wondering if I could go for a walk? On the beach?" I inquire.

"Of course, You always did love walks on the coast when you were young. Whatever makes you comfortable. Just, please stay close. Can I tell you a story before you go? Please? It's one I always used to tell your mother at night before bed. I always let her sleep in my bed when our parents were fighting." She practically begs me to let her tell the story.

"Sure." I say, I am not reluctant because her stories are amazing. She has a certain way of making the stories come to life that's almost...Magical.

"Okay, Okay. So, Now that you live here, you must learn town fairy tale. Luna. Once, a rather long time ago, there was a young child. Her name, Luna. She would dance in the moonlight with her sister, Nefira. One day, Nefira and Luna were dancing in the moon light and the most Nefira's eyes began to glow an orange color. 'Ash and dust. Water and wind, spirits give me the final power.' Nefira chanted strange words. Luna was feeling feint and began to cry. 'Moon! Moon, Who I have grown with! Help me!' Nefira had been taken by the fire god. He was a selfish man who took the souls of young men and women alike. He possessed them and made them do things. Horrible things, Murder and Robbery. Beyond him Nefira was trying to kill Luna to take her power and become even more powerful. When Luna cried to the moon it gave her extra strength to fight Nefira and ban her to the depths of the fire world." My aunt's eyes went from ecstatic sparks to a soft glow, "From then on, Luna stayed in the water off this coast in the moonlight. She surfs the water and dances as she once did with her sister on the shore. The End."

"Wow...That was...Wow!" I say to Aunt Jane.

"Thank you. Watch for Luna while you walk." she smiles and I turn to go out the door.

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