Water Girl

The Water Girl lives alone on the water, She comes out a night when the moon is high and travels the water. Meet Luna.


6. I Swear It

Aftan's P.O.V

"Aunt Jane, I saw her. I swear I did. I swear it." My Aunt looks at me slightly weary.

"I believe you. I really do, it's just that she hasn't been known to go where you say you saw her."

"Wait, you really believe in her? You believe...in me?" My father never did. It's almost as though Aunt Jane reads my mind.

"Aftan, you moved here because of who your father is. I am not your father. I promise. Now that your mother is gone, I promise I will protect you from your father."

"I don't need protecting, It's just nice to have someone who believes in me. Someone who cares about me." I tell her the truth, even though I sound childish. 

"I know you don't need protecting." her eyes well up, "It's just that your mother is gone and you're growing up. I want my baby Aftan back. And... And I want... M-My baby sister."

"Oh, Aunt Jane, I know. I want Mom back to, but it was her time." she begins to cry. I walk around the counter and hug her. I have grown a full head taller than her.

"I'm sorry, Honey, I shouldn't have dumped that on you." She apologizes, pulling away and wiping her tears.

"It's okay. Really, It's fine. Goodnight." I smile at her a bit.

"Goodnight." I go to the doorway and then turn back around.

"Aunt Jane?" 

"Yes, Aftan?"

"I met a friend Allan on the beach. I'm most sure that he would want me to say Goodnight to Jane for him." I smirk at her face of pure shock. She begins to laugh. I turn and go back towards my new room for bed.

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