Water Girl

The Water Girl lives alone on the water, She comes out a night when the moon is high and travels the water. Meet Luna.


4. A Glimpse

Luna's POV

I was dancing on across the water when I saw a faint shadow appear upon the shore. I began to move a little closer and I saw a boy with sandy blonde hair that hung down to cover his brown eyes. He was kind of tall and had tan skin, I watched closely as he stared out onto the sea. I could see a fire burning and glowing a ways down the beach. I flinched back slightly, but then looked back towards the boy. I lifted my hand and waved a bit, my pale skin glowing in the moonlight. He saw me and waved back, then I glanced over. The fire was close a there was a boy holding it. A torch. I dove underneath the water and swam further and further away from the beach. Mirrie, a dolphin who I knew, swam towards me.

"Hi, Mirrie." I sighed. She nudged my hand and I waved her away. She whimpered a bit, but reluctantly swam away.

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