How to Tell You Have a Demon Teacher

The perfect guide on how to survive a demon teacher.


2. Do you have a demon teacher?



Welcome, my fellow students to the guide to tell you if you have a demon teacher, and how to properly survive his/her class. Let's start off with a vocabulary word - you know, the ones you used to have in second grade.

What is a demon teacher? A demon teacher is a teacher (Usually teaching public schools) that will do anything in its path to feed off of the suffering of its students. It often causes grief and pain for its students. They usually have their own hell, better known as a classroom, to keep its tortured souls so it can feed off a students grief.


Do you have a demon teacher? A demon teacher often has these traits:

-Has a favorite student to feed off of

-Calls on you when you don't know the answer

-Chews you out for simple mistakes or conflicts

-Can smell your fear


-Angered or disturbed easily

-May not let you out of your seat

-Will not stand to let you break even simple rules such as whispering at an assembly

-Has a lot of people complaining of its meanness

-Enjoys watching people suffer

-Can break you down easily

-Punishes you for something you didn't do (Excluding homework)

-Eats lots of meat (We honestly don't know what type of meat)

-Works you like a Jew to a Nazi

-Some anger problems

-Gives you F's on a perfect test


Now, these are normal demon traits. These are especially hard to catch, considering that they have to hide it.


-Hates the word "Christ"

-Smells of sulfur

-Hates salt

-Has killed a person before

-If a student in its class has been gone more than a week


As you can see, with so many noticeable traits, a demon teacher isn't hard to detect. This is probably where you ask, "So how do I survive a demon teacher?"

Well, since you've already come so far surviving the demon teacher, I could deem you worthy and brave. It's time you knew the real way to survive a Demon Teacher.


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