How to Tell You Have a Demon Teacher

The perfect guide on how to survive a demon teacher.


3. Basic Survival

Survival among the demon teacher isn't too hard. Only students like you and me will ever know that demon teachers exist. Your parents won't believe you. Nor your counselor. The only thing that you they would believe is that you need a straitjacket. So what's the only thing you can rely on?

Fearlessness. And faith. Don't let the demon teacher make you suffer. Trust me, this will be kind of hard to do because us humans weren't made to not have the feels. You could be grounded for absolutely nothing or even suspended, but keep your head high. But you will never be expelled. To a demon teacher, that's like letting go a perfect prey. And they will never,  AND I MEAN NEVER let go. Not until you move up to the next grade. So, let's do some training.



A demon teacher has changed all your grades to F's and now you're grounded for the rest of the year. Yikes. Now, what do we do?

A. Cry like a baby

B. Hold head high and deal with it.




THE CORRECT ANSWER IS B. Duh. So, that was pretty easy. A moron could do that. Unless morons cry like babies. But let's face it. It's hard to just let somebody so powerless beat you down like that. Revenge is a dish served hot. There are so many ways you can fight back, because as far as all of us are concerned, schools are pinning these teachers down. You can silently rebel. So, here are some extra answers.


C. Cry like a moron.

D. Report the F's to the school and show them your A's and B's. They'll change the grade and then you're not grounded anymore!


Again, a moro- wait, no, an idiot could solve this. This is pretty easy, right? Let's take a test, in the next chapter. Go and grab a piece of paper and a pen before doing so. I think I've taught you enough.

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