Living in Hetalia

This series of books are for real fan fiction fans. If you've ever heard of the show Hetalia (which we’re sure you have if you are reading this), you know all the characters and who they are, and if you’re a I fanfiction fan you’ll understand the concept of what a 2P is. If you do not, a 2P is the exact opposite or violent version of a character in the original anime series. For example, Britain in the original anime is terrible at cooking and accidentally poisons people who eat his food, meanwhile, Britain in 2P form purposefully poisons people, just for one example. This book is about five girls who take a step into both the Hetalia world and the 2P fanfiction Hetalia world and experience what it’s like to live in Hetalia and how it will forever change their lives.
This was written with jigglypuffrevolution-Kayla-on here, on wattpad kaycobeans-McKayla-and our friend Laura. The characters are based off us, Kayla is Zara, I (Judi) am Julie, McKayla is Mich, and Laura is Lylli. Enjoy!



I watched as Julie pulled Zara by the arm as the night blackened. I grew cold as competition and arguments between Alfred and Eli grew as well. I sighed as I walked on. I shivered a little from the cold, and was suddenly bombarded by jackets. I turn around and see Alfred in a t-shirt shouting at Eli in a tank top. “You know, you’re gonna freeze your butts off if you keep going like this.” I say. They can’t hear me over their own shouts. I sigh, taking all of the layers off except Alfred’s bomber jacket. I zip it up, and leave their asses there. I just can’t deal with this right now. I walk on in silence, until their shouts fade behind me. Apparently they were too busy fighting over me to notice I had left. I look back to see if I could see them, and I run right into a wall. Or at least, I thought it was a wall. “Vhat is a pretty girl like you doing out here all alone?” I hear. I look up and I see… I’m not even sure who it is. “Nothing important, um...Austria? Transylvania? Who knows? Who cares?” I say huffily. He seems taken aback. “You seem really upset. Upset enough to not know who I am!” “I wouldn’t know even if I wasn’t angry.” I say, crossing my arms. “Vhy are you so upset?” He asks, tilting his head. I puff out a breath. “My stupid boyfriend is fighting with my stupid cat. My cat! I mean, sure, my cat somehow became a dude/cat person, and he’s kinda clingy and my boyfriend’s kinda overprotective, but still! They were fighting over me, and they didn’t even notice I walked away!” I look back up at him apologetically. “I’m sorry. I’m probably not making any sense, and you more than likely don’t care.” “Nah, it’s alright! I’ve heard veirder stuff. Besides, I find your story interesting.” “Thanks, at least I could interest you.” I say. I stick out my hand. “My name’s Michelle.” He takes it and smiles. “Prussia.” He says. “What do you think you’re doing?!” I hear two voices say from behind me. I sigh. “Where were you two?” Well, at least they put their shirts back on. “W-” “I-” “No, actually, don’t tell me, because you need to listen! You two need to stop making every little thing a damn competition! Alfred, you’re my boyfriend! You have literally zero worries about me leaving you, you’re my first boyfriend. Eli, you’re a cat for Pete’s sake! This is actually beastality! I get you love me, I love you too, but not like that! And both of you, give it a rest! I’m allowed to take to other people! In fact, right now, I think I would rather have Prussia walk me home. Now, Eli, we need to get you back home, or Mum and Pops’ll worry. Come on.” I say and drag him by the collar. I attach his leash, and climb the stairs. I stop at the top, and throw the jacket down to Alfred. When we get to the other side, Eli is a cat again, and he’s looking up at me with a sorry look on his face. I sigh, and walk us home. “You took your time.” Mum says as we walk in. “Zara wanted to show me some stuff. We stopped for dinner along the way.” “I just hope you didn’t tucker Eli out.” “Trust me,” I say, looking down at my cat. “He got plenty of exercise, and stirred up enough trouble.”
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