Living in Hetalia

This series of books are for real fan fiction fans. If you've ever heard of the show Hetalia (which we’re sure you have if you are reading this), you know all the characters and who they are, and if you’re a I fanfiction fan you’ll understand the concept of what a 2P is. If you do not, a 2P is the exact opposite or violent version of a character in the original anime series. For example, Britain in the original anime is terrible at cooking and accidentally poisons people who eat his food, meanwhile, Britain in 2P form purposefully poisons people, just for one example. This book is about five girls who take a step into both the Hetalia world and the 2P fanfiction Hetalia world and experience what it’s like to live in Hetalia and how it will forever change their lives.
This was written with jigglypuffrevolution-Kayla-on here, on wattpad kaycobeans-McKayla-and our friend Laura. The characters are based off us, Kayla is Zara, I (Judi) am Julie, McKayla is Mich, and Laura is Lylli. Enjoy!



I was sitting with my head on the table in starbucks when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up to see Cole there with a box of chocolates and Arthur had a bouquet of flowers.

“Shit.” I slammed my head on the table.

“Whats wrong?!” I did it again.

“You aren't making this any easier, either of you. Cole, I broke up with you for a reason. An unnamed reason, but a reason none-the-less, and Arthur, I’m so sorry, but i just cant. I think of you both as brothers, not as boyfriends.” I sounded so harsh. “I am so sorry…” I left without another word. I ran home, which was hard, because I have asthma. No one was there… and my phone was dead. I quickly plugged it in and messeges popped up left and right.

Julie! (Cole)

Why’d you leave??(Arthur)

Where are you? (Zara)

I ignored the first two.

At home.

Ju, I have a problem. One, Belarus is prego and I have a fricken stalker! (Zara)

What the heck? WHO??!! Did you tell Russia??

She didnt text back. She didnt reply back. Did she know nothing about this?? What if the 2p’s decided to show up?

There was a knock on the door. I opened it… to find… Derick?!

Derick, what are you doing here? You do realize Zara is getting married, right?”

“Yes, I do, and I wasn’t here to talk to Zara. I was here to talk to you-” I slammed the door in his face. His foot held it open. “Ouch… Any way, you saw Cole, right?”

“Dont fucking talk to me about him.” I turned around and sat on the couch.

“Well, someone is pissed off.” I pulled out my phone.

Hey, Zara, sorry, but i can't help with the wedding planning much anymore… I am actually not gonna help, unless you absolutely need me, okay? text back soon, i need an update on Bel. I also dont know who its with yet! Is it Latvia? I shipped them in the real world… but then again, who didn't i ship?  :P

I looked at Derick, who still hadn't left.

“Go find a 2p.”

“Whats a 2p?

“That was just an amazing insult, but you don't watch hetalia. Anyway, they wouldn't kill one of their own kind.” He looked at me confuse. “I am on fire today, and you just got burned.”


“I am seriously considering murder right now. Id suggest you get out and leave me alone.”

She soon texted back It was Latvia, she’s two months in. I jumped up and down because I was so happy. Then realized the situation.

Then why did she say she loves Russia? You know what, never mind. OTP has become cannon. #CanonOTP Bel and Latvia are made for each other… shit, i still haven't met Germany or Ita… Anyway, STALKER. EXPLAIN. NOW.

Its this guy named cole that apparently dated Zara’s friend. BTW, this is zara’s other friend Michelle. Hi!

Wait, what?! Cole is there?! I just left him at Starbucks!! How the fuck-wait, why?! Is he being an asshole to Zara too??!! I swear, that dude should just leave me and my friends alone. Tell him ‘Juju’ Said to shut the fuck up and leave Zara alone!

Okay. He said ‘stay out of m-’ and then zara cut him off.

Tell Zara she is awesome!

I smiled and then set my phone down. “So, why are you still here?” I flashed my teeth. Yeah, I was pissed and showing it. “Get the fuck out of this house. I will hurt you.”

“Cole told me how much of a wimp you are, i doubt you can do anything to hurt me.”

“Wanna make a bet?” I kicked his feet out from under him, and, just to add insult to injury, I stood and put my foot flat against his chest. “Did th-”  He pushed my foot off him, making me land flat on my face. On top of him. “Dude what the fuck??” That was when I tried to get up, but he grabbed me. “Dude, I just got out of two possible relationships. now let me go, before I call Russia. And I promise even Italy Veneziano can take you down. Possibly even Sealand. Definitely even Sealand.” I stood and literally shoved him out side and slammed the door. Then I went to my room and sat on the bed, to depressed to even cry.


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