Not A Navy Wife

Sometimes life throws us choices and sometimes we make the wrong decision.


1. ONE

"Jasmine," Andy growls storming down the hallway.

"Uh-oh," I mumble to myself. Andy never calls me by my full name unless I did something wrong.

My bedroom door flings open only to reveal my pissed off boyfriend. He has a mean scowl on his face that he only has when he is extremely mad. The scowl that marks his face when I don't want to be around- hell, when nobody wants to be around him.

"Did you ask Cody to come back?" He barked slamming my door behind him.

"Cody? Why would I ask Cody to come back-"

"Don't play stupid!"

"Andy- I'm not! I swear!"

"Why the hell are you yelling at me!?"

"I-I'm sorry," I stuttered as he stepped forward.

I'm not able to defend myself any further because Andy's hand comes in contact with the side of my face. The force from the smack caused me to stumble and fall. As I fall, my eye smacks into the corner of the bench at the end of the bed. I feel a bruise forming and just want to cry out because of the amount f pain that I am in but I know that if I do, Andy will get mad and push me around more or hit me while screaming at me to 'shut the fuck up'. 

"That's what you get," he scoffs. "Maybe if you weren't such a fucking piece of shit, my brother would have wanted you but no, now I am stuck with you."

"Y-you aren't stuck with me-"

"Excuse me? Are you daring to talk back to me?"

He brings his foot up and uses it to kick me in the side and roll me over. My whole body is sore but I can't do anything about it because if I move, something else will happen. I lay there staring up at him, hoping he will calm down and think reasonably, but I am wrong. After a few seconds of me laying on the ground, trembling, he picks me up by my hair and I am forced onto the bed.

He rips off my shirt and throws it to the ground as one of his hands moves up and wraps around my upper throat as he applies pressure. I can feel my breathing become heavier and, instinctively, my hands reach up to try and pull his hand off my throat, this only seems to piss him off more.

"I would have my way with you right here and now, again, but I have better shit to do. You aren't even worth taking advantage of." He snapped pushing down on my throat once more before letting go and storing out of my room.

I laid there, shaking violently, for a few minutes with tears streaming down my eyes. I coldn't move. My body felt paralyzed. I felt like if I were to move, Andy would come storming back up and threaten me within an inch of my life.


I was cleaning up my apartment after going out and running errands then coming home when I cam across and old box full of my most treasured memories. I took the box out to the living room, sitting on the couch, and opening it. The first thing I saw was a picture of Cody in his Navy uniform after he graduated bootcamp.

I remember capturing that picture just as he saw me. The look on his face was priceless once he saw me. He saw me and instantly came running and scooped me up into his arms when he reached me. Spinning me around with my arms wrapped tightly around him, clinging to him as if I might loose him. Like it was just a vivid dream that I could wake up from at any moment. As soon as he set me dow, I saw the tears streaming down his face and he saw mine. It was such a happy moment for us. After he'd been gone for three months, I got him back only for 10 days. Then he was off again. 

The next picture I picked up was him and I on the beach. It was when he was back for 10 days before he was shipped off to school. Him, his mom, his dad, and I all went down to Miami, Florida and decided to go to the beach. His mom and dad sat back and watched as him and I ran and splashed through the water and sand. The picture was one that his mom took of us sharing a kiss. The sun was in the background blackening us so that it looked like two people were kissing in front of a sunset.

I remember that day perfectly. All the laughing and smiling- the kisses and the memories. If only I could go back to when it was him and I. When it was us against the world and nothing could tear us apart. 

I set the photo's down on the table because the memories were too painful but what I pulled out next was even worse. It was my ring. The engagement ring he gave. We were supposed to be married in the winter of 2010 before he went of to sea but that never happened. 


I looked up from the ring- after being torn from my thoughts- and looked towards the door. Who could that be? I put the ring on top if the photos I was looking at then got up and walked to the door. When I looked through the peep hole, I nearly had a heart attack at who was standing on the other side. 

There, on the other side of my door, stood Cody. Still in his uniform and looking even better than the last time I saw him. He had his hands behind his back, like they taught him, and his legs lined up with his shoulders, like they also taught him. His uniform looked clean and ironed to a crisp- his hair almost perfectly styles except for a few fly-away hairs. He look like a god and the only thing standing between us was a wooden door.


Shit. Before I can argue with myself again, my hand decides to have a mind of it's own and open up the door. When the door is open and I am looking straight at Cody, I freeze up. My mouth goes dry and my eyes dilate to twice their size.

"Jaz?" Cody whispers.

I still can't move as he steps towards me and pulls me into a crushing hug. I was in no control of my body because I felt myself wrap my arms around him and tears fall from my eyes. I couldn't keep any of the emotions in anymore.

"Oh my god, Jaz- I've missed you so much," he whispered.

All of the sudden my body unfroze and I came to my senses. I detached myself from him and oushed myself away, wiping the tears from my face, "no. Cody, you need to go."

He looked at me as if I had just slapped him in the face, "what? Why-"

"You know why. Please leave. I'll see you tomorrow evening when you were supposed to be home- I can't do this."

"Is something wrong?"

"No- you can't be here-"


"You just can't, I don't want you to get hurt- please leave."

"Get hurt? WHat are you talking about?"


"What the hell is going on!?" Someone screamed from the doorway behind us.

As soon as I heard that voice, I knew I was screwed. The hair's on the back of my neck stood straight up and immediately my body began to shake. Cody turned around to see his brother, Andy, looking very pissed. 

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