A Complicated Love Story (MagCon)

Brianna Clark...amazing YouTuber...has lived her dream by living with Joey Graceffa. She makes vlogs, she collabs with other YouTubers, she sings. She owns a Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. She is obsessed with 5SOS, One Direction, MagCon, and O2L. Matt Espinosa, Mahogany Lox, Jack G, Jack J, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Brianna, Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, and Ricky Dillon living together for a while. Will some move in after this MagCon tour is over? She has a crush on Matthew Espinosa, and it just so happens Matt has a crush on Brianna, but what happens when she gets into MagCon? What happens when Jack G gets found out he has a crush on her too? Will Matt get her before Jack G? What if Jack G gets her? What will happen when Carter starts getting feelings for Brianna? Well love is complicated.


4. *Brianna's POV*

I woke up and heard loud guy voices. Ugh! It's the guys. I got up and found them.

"Brianna! You're awake!"

"No dip sherlock! Now who's where?"

"Well Cam and Carter, Hayes and Bri, Matt and I. And then when Mahogany, Jack G, and Jack J get here Jack and Jack will be paired together. Mahogany and Bri will b-"

"NO ME AND BRI WILL BE TOGETHER STILL." Hayes and me surprisingly said that in sync.

"Fine, Hayes, Bri, and Mahogany are together. When the boys from O2L arrive we'll just go from there." My eyes got wide.


"Don't freak out."

"HAYES CARRY ME!" I jumped onto Hayes' back, I'm really short and weightless so he can carry me. We got stopped by Carter smack-caming Hayes. I got off of Hayes' back and backed up with my eyes wide.

"Carter you love me too much to do this! Please don't!" But Carter wasn't the one who was gonna do it, Cam was.

"CAM YOU'RE DEAD!" Tears started to go down my face. I ran into Matt and Nash's room and into their bathroom. There was a red hand print on my cheek. I knew he didn't mean to do it that hard.

"Oh my god! Bri I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it that hard!" He snaked his arms around my waist and hugged me from behind.

"Cam, don't worry. I know you didn't mean to!" I turned around and hugged him back. As I was doing this, I saw Jack and Jack. They are my childhood friends, but I moved in 7th grade. I let go of Cam.

"JACK AND JACK MISSING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE?" They looked in the room and ran in. They nearly tackled me.




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