A Complicated Love Story (MagCon)

Brianna Clark...amazing YouTuber...has lived her dream by living with Joey Graceffa. She makes vlogs, she collabs with other YouTubers, she sings. She owns a Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. She is obsessed with 5SOS, One Direction, MagCon, and O2L. Matt Espinosa, Mahogany Lox, Jack G, Jack J, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Brianna, Connor Franta, JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, and Ricky Dillon living together for a while. Will some move in after this MagCon tour is over? She has a crush on Matthew Espinosa, and it just so happens Matt has a crush on Brianna, but what happens when she gets into MagCon? What happens when Jack G gets found out he has a crush on her too? Will Matt get her before Jack G? What if Jack G gets her? What will happen when Carter starts getting feelings for Brianna? Well love is complicated.


2. *Brianna's POV*

I was beginning a collab with Joey Graceffa on my YouTube channel.

"Hello my wonderful penguins! How are you doing today? Good? Good. It's Brianna here with the amazing..." I looked at Joey with a really funny face. 

"Joey Graceffa! Oh my goodness gracianious! It's been like forever Bri!" I started laughing.

"You saw me yesterday in the mall. I was in Vans and you were in there too. You bought the purple vans and I bought the blue vans. We live together Joey!"

"Oh yeah! So what are we gonna do today?"

"We are going to do...the baby food challenge!" I started the challenge with the blindfold on me.

~skip video~

"Joey! Wanna be lazy with me?" He started laughing.

"Like yeah girl! We do it every day!" He then looked at my phone and picked it up.

"Joey! Give me my phone back!"

"Oh my goodness gracianious! You're joining MagCon!" MagCon. Hayes was already my little brother, although we aren't related by blood. Then all my thoughts went to Matt. The boy who stole my heart with his laugh, his smile, his eyes. But what really stole my heart was that he was so much like me.

"Helloo earth to Brianna. Whatcha thinking about?" I looked at him, he already knew. He already knew how much I fell for Matt.

"Oh you already know Joey!"

"Yeah I know I do! Anyways you have to go! You have to join!"

"Fine!" I went to my email and sent a quick email back to Bart confirming my choice. Then I went to bed.

*skip to morning*

I woke up early and took a shower. Today was the day. I don't know why Bart sent me that email one day before we go to MagCon, but oh well. I packed my blue crop top, my ripped shorts, a 'Matthew Espinosa is my boyfriend' shirt, but I would be so embarrassed if one of the guys found it and told Matt, a pair of faded skinny jeans, a California tank top, and enough clothes to last me. I packed my purple high tops, my black wedges, and my pair of purple vans. I also packed beanies. I also packed my makeup and other needed items. I was finally ready. I walked downstairs to find Joey.

"Hey Joey! Why are you awake its 7 am, you're asleep until 11 am."

"I wanted to say bye to you and make you pancakes! Hurry we gotta eat before you meet your husband!" I shoved him playfully.

"He's not my husband!" While we were eating the door rang. They are here, I went to the door and took a deep breath. I opened the door to find Matt, Hayes, Nash, Cameron, and Carter. I hugged Hayes first, then Nash, then Cameron, then Carter. Finally the boy who has stolen my heart, Matt. I hugged him for a long time.

"Ready to go Brianna?"

"Yes! Wait hold on, I need to say goodbye to Joey."

"Wait! Joey? You mean the Joey Graceffa? He lives here?"

"Yes." I chuckled.


"Yes bae?"

"Cameron wants to meet you1 Just give him a hug." Joey hugged him.

"Joey...bye bae, I love you, stay safe!"

"Right back at you bae!" We hugged goodbye and I got into the car with the guys.

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