Girl Of Illusion

Archer Fade: young, skilled, merciless. On her first mission.


2. Sandwiches

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the chair came to a halt. Archer stood up and walked across the small antechamber she was in, to reach a very modern shiny steel door. There was a small intercom to one side of it and Archer spoke into it.

"Major Tom to Ground Control. Request access," she recited. A crackly male's voice came back over.

"Ground Control to Major Tom. Name and password."

"Major Tom to Ground Control. Archer Fade. Fernando," Archer replied, woodenly.

"Ground Control to Major Tom. Please type in the pass code,"

Archer looked shocked, for a moment, then remembered the tighter security. She reached for the buttons and punched in another code: H-2-9-0-6-I, then pressed Enter.

"Ground Control to Major Tom. Access denied."

Fade had no idea how she had got the pass code wrong.

"But-" she protested.

"Would you like to try another option? There is finger print, iris scan, and..." Archer cocked her head curiously as she heard a weird sound come through the intercom. It was as if someone was pushing somebody else out of the way. Another, female voice shouted:

"Come through Archer, we know it's you, Steven was just having a little joke, weren't you, dear?" she said through gritted teeth.

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