Girl Of Illusion

Archer Fade: young, skilled, merciless. On her first mission.


1. Desk Job

Archer Fade slumped over her desk. Anyone looking through the window of her dingy ground-floor office would have thought she was just overly tired, but in actual fact, secretly her slender fingers were probing under the surface of the desk, trying to find the exact spot-her nail caught the edge of what she was looking for, and a tingle ran up her arm. She did not move, just smiled slowly, as she always did when she triumphed something, and pressed down hard on the button that she had been searching for. Silently, a panel of wood slid away to reveal a pad with numbers on. Archer typed in a code: 1-1-4-0-2. The panel slid back again and Archer quickly sat up as her desk chair spiralled underground...

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