Save Me


4. Chapter 4

"Are you in here?"I hear a boy's voice say,it's the boy that asked if I was okay. "Er-, what do you want?"I ask,feeling ashamed and broken. "Look I  know what happened and...what people are saying..but you're going to be fine..I promise."The boy says,moving closer. "How would you know? Your mom didn't just see you out to your bus stop one morning,AND DIE,DID SHE?"I say feeling the anger within burst out. "You're right my mum didn't,but my dad did die. He was in the  wrong place at the wrong time,I guess...but i'm telling you that you'll be sad but you're gonna get over this."He says,right out side of the stall. "I want to be happy but I can't this is just a dream...isn't it?" I ask,fumbling with the lock on the bathroom stall. "Well,if I could tell you it was I would...but I can't." He says,now looking at me. "Why me? Why did she die,I love her."I say ,noticing my very cracked voice. "Well,life's a bitch,right?"he says obviously trying to cheer me up. "I guess,"I say blinking the tears out of my eyes. "Well we should get going you're about to miss fifth period."he says,looking at me then at the door. 
"Why,did it have to happen the way it did? I mean I didn't get to tell her i love her..or,or anything."I say feeling empty. "I don't know the answer to that...but you're not the only one." He says and I know now that I'm not.

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