Save Me


3. Chapter 3

Today seems worse than I thought it'd be. Some how everyone has found out about my mum dying. Right now i'm just walking down the hallway. "Kathie! Kathie! Oh,Kathie are you okay? I'm so sorry." Sara says. "How could I be okay?"I say. She tries to hug me but I shake her off,I know she's all full of good content but I don't  want to talk about this. I mean there's just no words to explain how I feel. I just want to start this day over and save my mum from dying. Theres'  just one thing that keeps running thru my mind,is that I just stood there taking it all in. "Where are you going?" Sara says from behind me, I don't even know where i'm going. I ignore her and keep walking hearing whispers from all around me,and they are not very nice. "Are you okay?"A boy about my age asks me. My heart feels like it's beating two times it's regular rate,well of course that would be if I still had one. "No!"I kind of shout noticing the tears streaming down my face. I hear people laughing in the background,why isn't anyone taking this seriously I just lost my mum. "Hey why didn't you say you love her back?"Says this one girl from behind me. What? I think about it while running to the nearest restroom. She's right I didn't say I love You back. It was like my mum knew she was going to die. She needed me to say I love her back.

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