Save Me


2. Chapter 2

I stand there frozen. No one else has noticed yet. I look around before felling ice cold chills go down my spine. "Oh my god!"I say running off the bus. "Hey where are you going?"The bus driver yells to me. I feel his eyes following me,I hear kids mummering as they notice what has happened. No,no,this cannot be happening to me. "Mum! Mum,come on wake up!"I scream feeling tears spring to my eyes. I see Sara come running off the bus, "Oh no, it's okay."She says obviously crying to holding me close to her. "SOMEONE CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!"I hear the bus driver roar. Suddenly I feel angry,Is she dead is all I can think. "Come on Kathie you don't need to be here."She says trying to lift me to my feet. "NO! NO! SHE'S NOT-,SHE CAN'T BE!"I scream. "Come on sweetheart,"I hear Miss.Johnson say (Sara's Mum). "It's gonna be okay,you'll be fine."she says,wincing at my mother. "Let's get you on that bus,huh can't miss school can you?"Miss.Johnson says. What,no,I want to stay here not leave her. "Can I stay?"I ask,not wanting to leave. No your grandma and grandpa will be here any moment,okay?"Miss.Johnson says. I rise not taking my eyes off of my mum. "Okay,"I say,only because I know gram and pops will take care of it. But if there's one thing I do know is that things will never be the same without my mum.

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