Save Me


1. Chapter 1: She's Gone

"Mum I gotta go,and stop it please?"I say to my over protective mother who keeps tickling me and kissing me on my cheeks. "I can't help it,my little baby starting high school!"My mum says in a very happy tone.I blush into hearing these words.She's right i'm starting high school, but if she doesn't let me leave i'll miss my first day. "Okay mum got to go."I say to after she tries to give me another one of what she calls mama's best kisses. "Alright, just let me walk you to your bus stop."She says smiling brightly.
"Mum don't you think i'm a little old for that?"I ask,looking at her with a displeasing look.
"Of course not,you're never to old for that!"My mother roars. "Now let's put our jackets on and leave,shall we?"She asks still smiling from ear to ear. "Okay."I say smiling back. We put our coats on and head out of the door. We walk down to the bus stop as at least three kids (older than me)appear out of what seems to be thin air. I think i'm going to like this school a lot. My best friend who would never let me down or try to harm me  is going here. About five minutes of waiting  I see her Sara. I instantly run over to her and hug her. She was away half of the summer. "Oh my gosh, I missed you so much!"I say breathing thru her hair."Me too!" she says embracing me back. We let go as the bus comes. As we get on my mum keeps yelling "I love you!"I giggle "Bye mum."But I don't say I love you back. As the bus driver is asking us our names my mum starts to cross the street...then boom just like that,she's been hit by a car.

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