Bad boys heart

Chase Winston was totally heart less player and user this story tells about how he learns to feel again.


1. the stupid one is you

Chase Winston. hmmm how should  i say this. That guy has his brain on his dick. He doesn't have feelings he doesn't have any empathy or something like that. Hes so brutally selfish that it makes me feel bad for him.


It was normal Sunday morning I was walking to my friend Anna who lives way too near to Chase actually Anna lives right next door."i need so badly cigarette." Anna said as i walked in."come to outside." She said. She was addicted to smoking i just smoked when i felt like it. I could be two weeks about not even wanting to smoke.we chatted a bit when we saw his car parking at street. He walked past us and looked us and walked into his house after few minutes he was coming out. "Hey girls." He said with flirty tone. "Chase,go." Anna said. Anna wasn't at good terms with him. She couldn't stand him,like someone could. "Why so grumpy? Whos youe pretty friend." Chase said looking me and biting his lips. "Shes not interested,Becca lets go." Anna said and took me by the hands and dragged me to inside. Everyone knew that Chase was player.


-month later-


I was leaving from Anna she had to i was outside at her apartment thinking where to go. "Hey." Chase said walking to me. "Hi." I said. "Whats up?"he asked."nothing special just thinkikg what to do." I said. "Do wan't some coffee?" He asked. "Hmmm?i don't know.. " i said. "C'moon now." He said.Chase wasn't ugly guy. he was actually quite handsome. but he was disgusting. i sat on his sofa next to him as we drank coffee. "thanks for the coffee." i said putting the cup to the table. "don't go yet." he said."why not?" i asked. "because." he said. "because what?" i asked. "how should i say this. okay. i like you Becca. it was like love at first sight." he said.but there wasn't any emotions in his voice. even deaf could say that he was lying. that guy just wanted to get some. "i'm bit shy you know." he said with innocent voice and looked me like puppy. was this guy serious. i was almost angry that he though i would believe him. that he though that i was so simple minded."oh.well." i said. trying to hold my poker face and not start laughing. he took steps closer to me. did he really though i could be so easy. and that i didn't know what he was doing. oh Chase you messed with the wrong girl. i'm going to teach you  a lesson. "can i get a kiss?" he asked like little kid. he was totally messed up. "sure why not." i said. i kissed him he slipped the tongue inside my mouth. i could feel that this wasn't his first time when he kissed someone, of course it wasn't he was man whore. i sat back down the sofa. he kissed my neck and his hands found the places were girl could normally give in. he was professional at this. he almost turned me on. but like i said. almost. "oh gosh stop."i snapped pushing his hands away. he stared me bit taken back. "you really though i would be so easy? oh Chase." i said. he didn't answer."go fuck your self  cause you ain't getting anything from me." i said and stand up from the sofa. "i love you." he said following me to the door. "Chase, everyone could see that you don't love me, you don't even know me,i don't believe are just guy who wants to get some." i said walking out. i turned around and looked him he looked me at the door his face had turned back to normal not that manipulative innocent guy who only loved someone. he was full of bullshit.


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