Poetry Collection

Here are a few poems I have written based on images I looked at, and then turned them into some of my views about people, the world etc. Hope you like :)


3. Raindrops

Alone I feel,
Alone I stand,
Beneath the raindrops,
That fall to my hand.

Soaking deep,
Within my palm,
Delicately drowning,
Dead; they're calm.

As all do die,
I wonder how,
These raindrops live,
Enough to sound.

Pittering pattering,
Around me they fall,
Like tiny people,
Around a person so tall.

And I wish I could be,
Like the people who stand,
So tall in this world,
And hold everyone's hand.

But the raindrop is me,
A tiny speck in the crowd,
And no one notices me,
For I'm not raindrops: loud.

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