Poetry Collection

Here are a few poems I have written based on images I looked at, and then turned them into some of my views about people, the world etc. Hope you like :)


1. Passing By

I shove a leg right over,
I look the other way,
In a moment I'm flying off,
Pedalling far away.

Through streets of busy people,
And cars just standing still,
I continue past these obstacles,
Just to feel the thrill.

Adrenaline courses through me,
As I pass the people by,
The people who don't care or fight,
Who love to tell a lie.

The ones who don't look twice,
At anyone but themselves,
Or people they believe they 'trust',
And then start rumours...well.

And whilst I pedal I'm free,
Of all these passers-by,
Who stop you, talk to you, say as they wish,
And you go along, and lie.

But it's different when you do it,
Because you're hiding all your pain,
But when they speak up in volumes,
Attention is what they gain.

Not to remove themselves from conversations,
Or to hold back their views,
But to force you to listen,
Force them to see you.

And whilst I'm whisking by,
There's no time for people to stare,
To notice your facial expressions,
The clothes you always wear.

Because one moment you're there,
And the next you're just gone,
And all those people you hated,
They forget you, walk on.

And as you cycle away,
You don't have to come back,
Perhaps make a new impression,
On your new cycling track.

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