Poetry Collection

Here are a few poems I have written based on images I looked at, and then turned them into some of my views about people, the world etc. Hope you like :)


2. Beneath the Surface

I swing above the people,
The buildings standing tall,
I swing above the universe,
And everything so small.

I think I can see everything,
Every pinch of the world that lies,
Ahead of me as I'm swinging,
Amidst the bright, glowing skies.

But beneath the perfect landscape,
And beneath what lies on top,
Darkness digs within it,
Darkness we can't stop.

But from up here it's all perfect,
We see things as they are,
The cars driving aimlessly,
No broken glass or scars.

What we see is the conclusion,
To us it's all there is,
But what we don't know is what's lurking,
What's lurking deep within.

Because beneath the surface is more,
More than what you can just see,
More than pretty, little, landscapes,
Look deep inside? Here's the key.

And as I swing back and forth,
I feel the ground begin to shake,
And suddenly I'm falling,
A speck amongst an earthquake.

And as I fall it floods into me,
The pain of someone I know,
And I see it from their eyes for once,
The rubble beneath the snow.

And whilst I don't feel it like they feel it,
It still affects me more than ever,
As I'm crashing to my landing,
To my death, no longer forever.

A scream leaves my mouth,
As the cities come into view,
The 'perfect', 'pretty' scenery,
The buildings I once knew.

But before I reach the end,
A peculiar voice speaks in my head,
And I wake up to a classroom,
"What's up?" My friend now says.

And I realise that I was dreaming,
I never swung from a high up chair,
But I saw things only some see,
If they dig deeper, look closer,


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