The seven ages of man

Based off of Shakespeares' own work


1. The seven ages of man

This feeble body with this withered frame,

this pitied state, my body falls apart,

But still with a strong soul, a tactful soul 

That of a once-solider, in days gone past,

the proud, aggressive sureness in turmoil,

of a father who held his pink flushed daughter,  

and in that moment felt all the worlds love,

as her tiny heart would beat inside his soul.

I would fall into a steadiness,

Comfortable with my place on this earth.

I would disappear  into my own skin,

Now I am alone; I weep at my despair,

Caught between the bitter sweet melancholy

of a life that is no longer my own

and the need for release from my burden.

At times I feel that I mourn the world,   

I waste away here, my home a prison

And in my gilded cage, I am alone.

Once I could hear the footsteps of my children

now they would only turn over the dust,

I am totally alone in this world

let myself fall deeper into abyss.

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