The Girl With The Blue Balloons

Who is the girl with the blue balloon?


2. Finding Balloons

Every time I saw a flash of balloon in those next few years, my heart leapt. But it was never her, she never appeared, not even once. I kept dreaming about her, her bare feet, her waist-length hair, her sparkling eyes that told me to keep her a secret. But I never saw her in reality, until one day, when I was starting my 3rd year at school, I saw her outside the school gates, looking exactly the same as she did when I first spotted her, apart from this time she was holding two balloons. I wondered why, and ran across the playground to ask her. I reached the gates and heard her say "in..." and she faded away. 

I cried out with frustration and longing and beat my fists against the iron bars of the gates. Hot, angry tears flooded down my face and stung my grazed hands as I fiercely wiped them away. I would see her again, I promised myself, and then I would be ready.

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