The Adventures of Jeremy Starbright


1. Prologue

  The was wearing a dark coat. It was long and black, with a thick collar turned up against the wind, concealing his face. He was forty-five years of age of average height and with short-cropped ginger hair, wiry in texture. His name was George Westerston, a British government operative carrying top-secret documents, essential to Project Everleaf.


Crouching behind the bushes, the men felt uncomfortable. One was holding a military issue revolver, the other, a length of rope. "I can see him. Twenty paces ahead; dark coat; old briefcase. When do we strike?"

"We'll wait 'til he passes and then pounce. Quiet though, we don't want to spook him!"

The man soon passed by and they sprang up and sprinted down the path behind him. The man with the pistol grabbed him from behind and held the pistol up to his head.

"Hold up! Stand still. If you move, you're dead. What's Project Everleaf?"

"I'll never tell!"

The gun went off; point blank range, he never stood a chance...


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