A few generations after wendy, the NeverWas comes back to haunt Peter's dreams.


1. Chapter One


    “Margaret, is your mother home?” Peter saw something move within the strange glass room that was very, very, high up. But when a full grown woman came to the window Peter was quite confused. The woman quickly opened the sliding glass door on the balcony and he thought he vaguely recognized her. When she introduced herself to Peter, he gasped and tried to bury her in pixie dust. “Peter,” she said with a touch of humor in her voice, ¨ I do not necessarily want to be buried in faery dust right now.¨ ¨Pixie dust, just pixie dust,¨ Peter retaliated, still shocked from seeing his old friend as an adult. then, after an almost tangible mood change Margaret said, “I have horrible news, Jane is missing!” At which she promptly started sobbing, ”Peter, she’s been gone for three weeks!” Now it was Peter’s turn to be horrified,”Margaret, my shadow came off on it’s own the day before that!” They both stood there, pale and fear stricken at the window in depressing silence. Then Peter said, “Margaret, do you by chance have a child?” Margaret hesitated for a moment in which Peter was quite frightened,”You do, don’t you?” “Oh yes, but I was thinking... how did your shadow come off?” Peter shifted uncomfortably on the windowsill, “Well... that’s a funny story.”

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