A demon's tear..

Go into the world of how one demon has to live her life in the shadows..not allowed to leave it..full of curiosity to see the light that lives above us all..


2. Morning flames

       The crow laid by the burned out tree, staring with it's eyes the color of coal. As it stretched it's wings and flew through the window of a demons home. In the room he flew in slept  a young demon, with hair like a defiled stone, for it was her time to wake up from her slumber. The little crow sat beside her and stayed silent like there was no point in trying, a fiery aura surrounded the bird circling it slowly. The shape of the feathery creature began to take a different form, it got larger and it took the form of a human and a smirk appeared on it's face. Though it had taken the form of a teenage boy, his hair was like the deep ocean and his eye's were like the bright sun that shined above us.The clothing he wore was mostly leather, his jacket and pant's were also the color of a raven. Reaching for the young child and grabbing onto the bed sheets tugging at it a little.

" Alouqua, c'mon girl time to wake up from your darkened slumber.."

This was her name, as was the niece of satin which never wanted to wake up. Not a peep came out of the sleeping child from the morning flame. This upset the boy so he had to stick to his daily plan that he had been doing ever since the child had begun to walk. As his patience have faded he grabbed the sheets that Alouqua had stayed over and began to count very slowly.

"1..2.. rise up..3..4 your gonna hurt...5..6..the flames are high...7..8 hurry before it's to late..9..10...time is up..." With that sudden word he pulled the sheet out fast and the young demon flew off the bed and fell to the ground harshly.

"..Eblis..why do you always do this this hurts like hell!?" she looked at him angrily forming a fist tightly.

He just crossed his arms slowly and chuckled, putting his fingers on her chin," well if you would just get up normally I wouldn't have to stick to this wouldn't I?"

Break of the morning was coming to an end, the flames began to rise to a new day. Well more like a day of darkness to everyone who have lived on this burnt land. Compared to the one who lived above us all. There was the high class and the middle class. The middle class were normal people their life was nothing but normal...as for the high class were those my people have hated. They were known as angels, they brought light into everyone's life. I never saw one up close, yet they always say to stay away from them. For that shall be the last breath I take on this world.

"yeah yeah I know, well thanks anyways bro..I love you even though I hate you even more.."

Receiving a quick pat on the head he began to whisper something to me but I couldn't make it out. It was soft, like it was his quote of the day. Every morning he would have something new to say, it always made me feel good about myself and sometimes it's always dark. So I just tugged at him wanting him to repeat himself once again, Though he was happy to hear that I had so much interest.

" Be the one who forgives..not the one who wants to be forgiven, for those will be your last breath.."

Without saying anything else he vanished slowly into darkness not leaving a trace of him to follow. He was always better at everything, his skills, his knowledge, well let's say he's the family's favorite. Everyone loved him for who he was and me, well let's just say i'm not everyone's favorite. I was the rebel of the family, never did what anyone tells me to do, is as stubborn as a boulder that never moves. The only one who I depended on to get me outta situations is my uncle, but he was mostly busy all the time. So I was never given the chance to talk to him as much. My mom was a once born into the light, until she found my dad. Though I don't understand why she would wanna give up on a life like that, down here it's just...a dry and shitty place. Well, welcome to my world, i'm never allowed to go up there, as of my kind shall never be allowed up there and welcomed.

The one big rule for a girl like me was simple. Never go up until your older, prepared for what's up there, and to beware of the winged lights. But really I wanted to ignore all those rules..well maybe the beware a winged light. As a niece of the great devil I had to be careful for the dangers I could encounter. In short, my life is like a trapped soul wanting to be free of everything that is around me and blocking it's path. Well time to get this fiery morning over with, literally.

My feet began to stumble a little as I walked slowly toward the closet, it was the color of a fiery torch. Once my hand touched it's handle it opened to just one outfit that floated inside, for my closet was quite special. The outfit would change everyday once I put it back, today's outfit was a darkish red tank top with a raven black heart symbol on the side of it. While there was black jeans with chains sticking out of the pockets, and all black converse on the bottom with spikes that could hurt a phoenix. Smiling at the outfit for today was very satisfying to me, for it was my adventure outfit. This meant today will be fun to sneak out of this hell hole. Lifting up my hands slowly I snapped my finger's and a beam of fire surrounded my body. Once the fire had disappeared the clothes automatically appeared on my body.

" Well this seems perfect, time to get outta this dump...oh wait"

Snapping my finger's once more a brush appeared before me and I smiled happily. I brushed my hair slowly and carefully making sure every tangle was out of place. Once I was done I put the brush down and rushed out the door and dashed for the mountain. I always loved this I felt so free and that no one could tell me anything.

"Today's the day I fly!"



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