Sometimes things happen. And sometimes we don't know why they happen. We live our lives as normally as possible and then out of nowhere - everything changes.

I've never been too great at controlling myself when I'm upset, but lately it's gotten worse. This thing happened. It all started with my best friend. She didn't do anything wrong, someone did wrong by her. So of course I stepped in and saved the day. Turns out I really didn't.

Turns out there's more to this than getting rid of her. She's just a piece of the puzzle. She's like the gas needed to start the fire. But guess who's standing in the middle of this metaphorical fire?

Yours truly.

Maybe if I learned to think things through, I wouldn't be in this position. I wouldn't have gotten my friends into this position. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

Acting off impulses can either save you, or kill you. In my case, I think it did a little bit of both.


3. Chapter 3

As we walked up the front stops, the front door swung open and a large kid in a football jersey was laughing in our faces. Once he noticed there were actually people in his presence, he scanned our bodies up and down.


“Ladies,” A drunk smiled slid onto his face, and I threw up in mouth.

“Don’t even think about it,” Quinn pushed him to the side, and we hurried past him, into the house.

I accidentally kicked a red solo cup as I stepped in, and all I saw were bodies, interconnected with each other, and I felt everyone’s sweat on my own forehead.

“So what should we do first?” I asked looking around.

The music was so loud I was wondering if she could hear me.

“I don’t know, let’s go to the kitchen!” she practically yelled in my ear.

Her hand found it’s grip on my wrist and she pulled me through the crowd to the back of the house. We stumbled into the kitchen, catching our breath. I wiped the sweat of strangers off my arm and looked around the kitchen. The island was covered in every alcoholic drink you could think of, and there were red and blue solo cups scattered everywhere. Some people were drunk, others were standing around talking, and of course, some were making out.

“Why don’t you and Mason ever make out in corners like that?” Quinn questioned as we judged the couple from afar.

“I promised my grandma when I was seven that I wouldn’t become a slut, and a girl can never break a promise,” I smiled at her.

She rolled her eyes, and screamed as a hand clamped over her eyes. Mason was standing behind her, his large hand over her eyes, trying to hold back his laugh. He wrapped his other hand around her waist and gripped her tight.

“Whoever this is, I will beat your ass so hard!” She yelled, grabbing onto his arm trying to pull it down.


Mason lowered his head down to her neck, and flicked his eyes over at me as he talked.

“I think we both know I’ll be the one beating your ass when I get you up in that bed, baby,” he whispered devilishly, his lips basically on her ear.

I just shook my head at him and grinned. Quinn’s body jerked like she had been punched in the stomach, and Mason finally busted out laughing, and released her from his grip. Quinn turned around and glared at him.

“Mason, I will kill you in your sleep,” she yelled and slapped his arm.

“Ow, ow! Chill out babe, I was just messing with you,” he rubbed his arm and continued laughing.

“I have told you to stop calling me babe since the second grade, the request has not expired,” Quinn snapped.

“Maybe not, but it’s been rejected,” he winked at her.

Quinn has known Mason longer than either me or Owen. They’ve gone to school together since preschool, which was why I was surprised that they never ended up going out. But it’s not a surprise anymore, the two can’t go more than three minutes without annoying the hell out of each other. But they both had an extreme amount of respect for each other. And by that I mean they both found each other attractive. But it doesn’t matter, they’ll miss each other more than I’ll miss each of them next year.


“You’re such a little bitch. Kassidy, put this boy on a leash,” she grabbed me and pushed me into Mason’s chest.

Mason’s muscular arms wrapped themselves around me, as he caught his balance and his large hand covered the side of my face.

“Mashon,” his name came muffled out of my mouth because my cheek was smashed against his chest.

“Watch your language, young lady! I’m taking the good witch before you corrupt her!” he called as he dragged me back to the living room.

“Kassidy don’t leave me alone!” Quinn called after me.

Now he was pulling me by my wrist and I looked back at her.

“I’ll meet you at midnight outside okay? Be safe!” I yelled back at her before I couldn’t see her over the bodies that surrounded me.

It felt like Mason and I were in the very middle of the crowd and he was standing in front of me smiling.

“That wasn’t very nice, Mason. We left her all alone,” I pouted.

“She’s a big girl, she’ll survive. Besides, you’re only upset because I called her babe and not you,” he grabbed my hands and pulled me up against him.

“Um, that’s bullshit,” I smiled.

“Oh please, don’t flatter yourself. But don’t worry, you’re my real babe. Quinn is just a wannabe side hoe.”

“Mason! Don’t you ever say that! My best friend is not a hoe. If anyone is a hoe, it’s you,” I said.


Mason rolled his eyes as he placed my hands on his lower back. He cupped my face in his hands and brushed my hair back. His heavy breathing was running down my face, and suddenly, everything got intimate. He was staring into my eyes and I couldn’t look away, he always had that power over me.

“You’re such a beautiful girl, Kassidy,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” I smiled. 

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