Sometimes things happen. And sometimes we don't know why they happen. We live our lives as normally as possible and then out of nowhere - everything changes.

I've never been too great at controlling myself when I'm upset, but lately it's gotten worse. This thing happened. It all started with my best friend. She didn't do anything wrong, someone did wrong by her. So of course I stepped in and saved the day. Turns out I really didn't.

Turns out there's more to this than getting rid of her. She's just a piece of the puzzle. She's like the gas needed to start the fire. But guess who's standing in the middle of this metaphorical fire?

Yours truly.

Maybe if I learned to think things through, I wouldn't be in this position. I wouldn't have gotten my friends into this position. Oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

Acting off impulses can either save you, or kill you. In my case, I think it did a little bit of both.


11. Chapter 11

Owen opened the door and Mason walked in first as I trailed behind him. It was hard to see through all the dust in the air.

“Well one thing is for sure,” I muttered, “He was or is definitely here. This place has to be abandoned. I just don’t get how he got inside, he didn’t leave any footprints in the dust.”

Then I stopped in my tracks. Owen ran into me from behind and grabbed my shoulders so we wouldn’t fall over.

“Mason, don’t turn around,” I barely whispered.

He didn’t hear me. He looked back at us and I heard something whiz past my ear. We all ducked down to the ground, Mason and Owen covering their heads. I looked over my brother’s large body and saw someone standing in the shadows, and watched as he started to walk away.

“Oh hell no, not this time,” I gritted my teeth.

I stood up and stepped around Owen. Then I sprinted.

“Kassidy!” I heard Mason yell.

The dust flew up my nose and I sneezed as I ran. The person in front of me was running until he came to the end of the hallway, where there was a light room to his left. I kept running towards him and he stepped into the room, slamming the door behind him.


I ran into it, trying to open the door.

“Unlock this door!” I screamed.

I jiggled the handle more and more, but each time nothing happened.

“I know you can hear me. Open the door, bastard!” I was so frustrated.

Owen and Mason still hadn’t found me yet. There were too many twists and turns in this building.

“Jace, if you’re in there… I’m not here to deal with your bullshit, understand me? Just give me my friend back… please,” My voice strained.

I didn’t want to start crying. I don’t know why I was tearing up. I missed Quinn so much already. I banged my fists on the door and yelled.

“Open this door, dammit! Just open the goddamn door!” My hands were starting to turn red and burn.

I took deep breaths, and stopped beating the door. Dropping my forehead to rest on the cold plastic, I covered my eyes and the tears fell.

“Please,” I whispered.


Then I heard the doorknob jingle. I snapped up and watched as the door creaked open. Once it was fully open, I saw Jace standing in front of me, that same stun gun in his hand. I couldn’t control myself. I took his nonviolent actions as an open opportunity. In a split second my hand was flying through the air and had smacked against his face. I screamed a little once I realized what I had just done. I withdrew my hand and took multiple steps back until my back was against the opposing wall.

“I-I’m sorry…” Like that response would do anything.

An intimidating grin spread on his face and he slowly looked back at me.

“Feisty and daring… I like it,” his deep voice purred.

He set the gun down on the wall inside the door and sauntered towards me. I didn’t want to show him how scared I was. I sucked in my lips, clenched my fists, and cut off my breathing. Jace’s towering figure leaned over me. He smacked one hand on the wall next to my face and I jumped. He let out a hot breath of air on my face and kept grinning.

“Kassidy Victoria Evans, eighteen years old, born on April seventh with a twin brother. You’ve graduated high school this year, you were captain of the soccer team, and you received a two-year scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. You seem like quite the smart and well rounded lady,” Jace listed things off.

“How the hell do you know all that?” I muttered.


“Quinn, lovely girl, she told me everything. But don’t start to doubt your friendship yet, she only shared because I asked and threatened to tie her up if she didn’t. Funny, I tied her up anyway. Not as tight as I would’ve though, I was feeling gracious.”

My eye twitched when I heard that. I didn’t want to hear this.

“Why do you need to know things about me?”

“Well I knew you were gonna come for her, I expected you to. I needed to know you’re strengths and weaknesses in order to keep you under control. I’m impressed with your lack of weaknesses. Now, what I didn’t expect was for you to bring along two large men,” Jace’s voice sharpened like he was genuinely upset.

I wanted to look away from his intense eyes, but I didn’t want him to grab me and choke me, or something.

“I wouldn’t come alone, you don’t think I’m stupid do you?” I was probably risking my life trying to be a smartass.

He laughed a little and it pissed me off how hot his laugh was.

“You and Quinn are just alike ya know? You’re attitudes are major turn-ons by the way, I think all girls need a lesson from you two.”

Then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close. “If you want to know why she’s here, I’m gonna be nice and let you ask her yourself,” he licked his lips.

“Oh my god,” I let out a deep breath and smiled.

“Hold on gorgeous, it comes with a cost of course.” My smile faded.


“What do you want, bastard?”

“Cute nicknames already, I love it. Now, if you could just give me Quinn’s home address that’d be much appreciated,” he said.

He was out of his mind. There was no way that I was going to give up where my best friend and her family lived. That triggered what Mason had said earlier. When he talked to Quinn’s mom, he said that she was relatively calm, almost like she knew what was going on.

“I have a quick question before I give you that. What did Quinn know? Yesterday night you said she knew what was going on,” I doubted he would tell me anything.

He stared into my eyes for what felt like twenty years before he responded.

“She knew what was going to happen. She knew that if her and her idiotic parents didn’t do what he asked, then this would be the consequence. Now, I will admit that I didn’t think it would be this violent, but you do what you have to right?”

“Who is he?” I asked.

“Ah, no more questions. Give me the address,” he shut me up.

I quickly darted my eyes past him and into the room. I had to think quickly.

“1107 White Dove. The same city you were in yesterday,” I lied.


Quinn lived a few blocks away from where she currently lived a few years ago. Once we reached middle school, her parents weren’t able to drive her to school everyday, so they moved into the boundaries of our school district. I knew I probably would be hunted down once he found out no one lived in that house anymore. But oh well. Jace smiled then let go.

“Thanks babe, go on in. You have five minutes. Good luck,” he said as he stepped out of my way.

I glared at him before I hurried into the bright room. I had to adjust my eyes as I looked around. In the very center of the room, Quinn was sitting in a chair, her wrists were tied to the arms and her chin was resting on her chest.


“Oh my god, Quinn!” I yelled and ran over to her.

I squatted down and placed my hands on her legs. I was going to start crying again.

“Quinn, wake up. Look at me,” I grabbed her face and lifted it up.

She moaned and her body jumped. Her eyes popped open and she took a deep breath like she hadn’t been breathing. She whipped her head around and started shaking, trying to pull her wrists away from the chair.

“Where am I? What the hell is going on?” She yelled.

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s me. Kassidy. I’m here,” I turned her head so she looked at me.

Her eyes met mine and she smiled.

“Oh my god, Kass, you’re here. Oh my god,” she had almost started laughing.

I smiled back and wiped her face, feeling dried up tears. Her eyes were red and she was breathing heavy, just like me.

“How did you get here? Are you okay? He shot you, I completely forgot,” at least she could still talk as much.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Quinn, you need to tell me what’s going on. Why are you here?” I asked seriously.

Her gaze fell down to her hands and she squirmed. She sat silently for a few seconds.


“My parents owe money to the guy in charge of Jace. He wanted the money like two months ago. My parents didn’t wanna pay. I tried to pay it, but I was short, so this happened.”

“And your parents knew you were going to be kidnapped? You knew this?” I let go of her and sat on my knees.

“I didn’t know this would happen. I just thought he’d send threats or something, I didn’t know what his plans were,” she shrugged.

I thought for a second, just staring at my shirt that she was wearing.

“If they owe him money, that means they took some from him. What was it for?” She bit her lip and looked back at me, like she was sorry.

“Quinn, I’m on a timed schedule, you have to give me something,” I was trying not to show my frustration. It wasn’t with her, but this whole situation.

“You. You and Owen,” she muttered.

I squinted at her and scratched my head.


“The money was for you two. And not like my parents took some money out to be nice… It was my dad.”

Quinn’s dad didn’t like my family very much. I don’t know if it had to do with his old alcohol problems, or if we were genuinely bad people, or what. One thing was for sure, Mr. Collins had anger issues. Something was always a little off about both of Quinn’s parents, which is why she practically lived with me. I didn’t mind, but everyone wants to sleep in their own bed.


“Well what about him?” I questioned.

“Look Kassidy, I don’t know what is true and what isn’t. I just found this out like two days ago. It was like Jace finding me happened right on time. I just saw some emails between my dad and this guy and I saw your names. He wants to get rid of you, Kassidy; you and Owen,” she choked on her words.

I stared at her, not knowing what to think or feel or say.

“Why?” That was all I could get out.

“My dad is insane, I have no idea. But that means you shouldn’t be here. Jace obviously knows that and he’s going to keep you after me. Just stop while you’re ahead before he does what my dad wants,” Quinn whispered in case Jace was listening. Which he probably was.

“You don’t think I’m alone do you? Mason and Owen are with me, I just lost them when we got inside.”

“Really? Kass, this is so horrible. I’d give anything to hear Mason call me babe and Owen look at me like I’m dumb right now,” she sighed and shut her eyes.

I smiled lightly and placed my hand over hers.


“I’m going to bring you home okay? No matter what it takes, we all miss you already. And promise me you’ll stay strong. Who knows when I’ll get to talk to you again,” I said standing up, still holding her hand.

“Right… right,” she looked so in pain. If I could shove a knife down Jace’s throat right now, I most certainly would.

“Promise me you’ll never let me go,” she whispered.

I took a deep breath to hold in the tears. I was about to reach down and hug her when someone stepped in between Quinn and I, and punched me in the stomach.

“Shit!” I yelled.

I gripped my stomach, trying to catch my balance, but instead I fell back and Quinn gasped. The large man in front of me then grabbed my ponytail and started pulling on it.

“Ow, ow! Stop it, you dick!” I screamed.

I struggled to get to my feet as quickly as he was pulling me up. Once I was standing on my feet, he grabbed the back of my neck, and dug his heavy fingers into my skin. Then Jace casually strolled in the room and stopped once he saw the scene in front of him.

“Tsk, tsk, Freddy, she isn’t an intruder. Well she is, but she’ll be leaving, right?” his eyes met mine.

“Mhm,” I choked out.


“But perfect timing, her five minutes were up. I hope you ladies had a fun little gossip time, but it’s time to get back to the serious shit. Boo hoo right? Well, thanks for stopping by, Kassidy, always a pleasure,” he grinned.

Then he nodded and Freddy started pushing me towards the door. I couldn’t speak with all the pain in my neck and it was actually hard to breath. Once we got to the door, I placed my foot inside the wall so I couldn’t be forced out anymore.

“I promise,” I choked out, stealing a quick look at Quinn, but her mouth was being covered with the same bandana.

Her eyes were filled with pain and fear, but I saw the appreciation in them. Then Freddy shoved the toe of his boot into the back of my knee and I screamed. My leg jolted up and he took that opportunity to shove me out of the room. I stumbled to the ground in the hallway and the door slammed behind me. I laid there on my side for a second, thinking about everything that just happened.

Now I realized more than ever that Owen was right. Something wasn’t right with this whole situation. Using my hands, I slowly stood up against the wall, limping with my left leg. I stumbled down the hall until I found a door that said exit. I pushed the heavy door as hard as I could and stumbled into the daylight. I was in the front of the building and saw Owen’s car a little ways down the sidewalk. I limped and looked down at the new bruise on the back of my leg. 

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