Never Thought

Maria Manch is a Choose-to-be Mute in high school. Its a normal day, gossip, bullying, whispers, etc. Then she receives a text from an Unknown Number, and chooses to name the contact Peter Pans Ass. They continue their convo throughout the year, then she goes to college. She want to find out who this guy is, without letting him know she knows...


1. Never Talked.

Marias P/O/V




I walked into the building, that dreadful building that everyone knows… School. I listened to the whispers about me as I sped through the hallway to my locker.

“Oh my god, what an emo.”


“I heard she tried to kill herself.”

“Weird mute.”

“I do like her hair though.”


I almost smiled at the last one. My hair was definitely my best feature. It was a nice teal at the top near my roots, then slowly faded into a bright green at the ends, which reached just below my boobs. I combed a hand through it and opened my locker. My phone buzzed in my pocket as I shut my locker closed again.


Unknown Number: I like your outfit today, you look sexy ;)


I looked at my phone again, shocked. I looked down at my black skinny jeans and torn-at-the-end Falling in Reverse shirt, and black combat boots. I looked around me, trying to see if anyone else was on their phones. I shrugged as I started walking back to class. Then my phone buzzed again.


Unknown Number: I bet you are wondering who I am… :)


Me: Yes actually I am. Who the hell are you?


Unknown Number: Just put my contact name as Sex God.


Me: Ok… Not happening. I am going to put you as Peter Pans Ass if you dont tell me who you are.


Unknown Number: You will find out soon my sweet. But I think Sex God suits me better than Peter Pans Ass. #js


Me: My sweet? Are you a fucking Vampire or something? And I think Peter Pans Ass is a great name :)


Peter Pans Ass: Idk, I really don’t care either way. Btw Winter is coming up behind you trying to scare you. See you later Baby ;)


I turned around to see Winter in her sneak-up-on-Maria pose. “Damnit!” She cursed under her breath. I snickered as I grabbed her elbow and dragged her to our first class, Science, as she started mumbling about being mute giving me super senses. Yes, I am mute if your asking. I choose to be, I'm not disabled or injured.


I sat down in the desk right in the middle of the classroom between as dork guy picking his nose and Winter, who was sitting next to a girl, not any girl, but the school slut Brittney. She was sitting there examining her nails and humming some song by Justin bieber. She is addicted to him, and also claims to have had sex with him after one of his concerts. I mentally rolled my eyes as the thought as I started paying attention to Mr. Hurst, my Science teacher. He was rambling on about genetics and DNA when I felt my phone buzz, once again, in my pocket. Since I am a straight A and B student, he allows me to have my phone out inclass. Ironic right?


Peter Pans Ass: Hey Babe, Wasup?


Me: Its so weird getting a text from Peter Pans Ass. lol


Peter Pans Ass: You really set it to that!?


Me: Yes Peter I did.


Peter Pans Ass: Its so weird being called Peter.


Me: I could call you your real name IF YOU WOULD TELL ME!!!


Peter Pans Ass: I can't do that, or you wouldn't talk to me…


Me: You don't know maybe I would…


Peter Pans Ass But Denying it: Trust me. You wouldn’t. I got to go, Bye.


Me: Wait im sorry I didn't mean to be offensive or whatever.


Me: Please Come back I like talking to you.


Me: Im sorry.


Me: I will change your name back if you want…


Me: Ok! FINE! Be that fucking way i don't care. >:(


I through my phone into the desk as I slumped back in my chair. As soon as I did so, the bell rang. I jumped out my chair, grabbed my things and dashed to 2nd period, Maths. I sat down in my usual seat in the back next to a football player that was sitting there flirting with a poor cheerleader that was not that interested.


I started to doze off as I heard a loud bang on my desk. I looked up and seen Mrs. Burns standing next to my desk with a wooden ruler in her hand. She didn't like me very much. “Ms. Manch, are you falling asleep in my class?” She said, looking at me with a knowing look. I stood up and walked to the front of the class at the white board. I grabbed a blue marker and wrote No, I was  trying to ignore your voice because it was giving me a headache. I smirked and went back to my seat, listening to the laughter erupt from my fellow students.


Mrs. Burns opened and closed her mouth, thinking of something to say, and looking like a fish. She uttered out “My wor-” as the bell rang. I started laughing as grabbed my things, heading to lunch with Winter in tow.


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