Never Thought

Maria Manch is a Choose-to-be Mute in high school. Its a normal day, gossip, bullying, whispers, etc. Then she receives a text from an Unknown Number, and chooses to name the contact Peter Pans Ass. They continue their convo throughout the year, then she goes to college. She want to find out who this guy is, without letting him know she knows...


2. Never Crashed.


I walked out of the school doors to my black charger. I ran my hand across the blue strip on the side as I opened my door. I got on and turned on the radio as ‘Call me Master’ By BOTDF turned on. I started belting lyrics out as I jammed out going down the road to my little sisters pre-school. I rolled down the window and continued singing as I stopped at a redlight. I stopped belting and actually sung. I loved singing, but i just never sung in front of anyone else.


I started driving again and looked to my right, seeing Austin Marks in his  Ford F-150. Austin waves and I wave back. He looks at me weird. I think it is because I was singing. I roll up my window and the light turns green. I smile as ‘I Don't Wanna Be In Love’ By Good Charlotte comes on. I start singing along and dancing in my seat. I click the button on my door and roll the window down again, just slightly. My phone buzzes and I look at the message when I reach a red light.


Peter Pan: I didn't know you could sing :)


I looked down at my phone and hear a loud horn. I look up and scream as a 18 wheeler is almost about to crash into me. I swerve to the right, crashing into a lamp post. My head bangs against the steering wheel as my chest is violently thrown into the seat belt. I see Austin park near me and run out of his truck, yelling my name, tears running down his face, trying to open the door. I look at his guilty looking face before I black out.




Austins P/O/V (Before the crash)

I drive down the street, thinking to myself. I should've never sent that text to her,  I thought. I should've just  ignored her. She would never like a guy like me.  Im a player, an asshole. I don't deserve a girl like her. Im cut of from my thoughts by a voice singing ‘Call me Master’ By Blood on the dance floor. I know the song by heart, Its my favorite. I pull up to a red light and look to my left, where the voice is coming from. I gasp to myself as I see its Maria.


I smile at her when she looks at me, smiling back nervously. She rolls up the window and the light turns green. She speeds off, and i see that she has started singing again. We live in the same neighborhood so I decided to follow her. I send her a text telling her what a pretty voice she has. A truck honks its horn and I look up from my phone, seeing Maria fly into a light pole. “Maria!” I scream, parking by her, not even turning my truck off, and jumping out of the car.


I keep screaming her name as I run to the car. I see her phone on the floor, on our text. I then know this is all my fault, since I sent her the text. I look at her guilty as he head goes slack in the seat. I open the door, pick her up bridal style and drive to the hospital, holding her hand the whole time.




I run through the doors of the hospital. “Doctor! We need a doctor!” I yell as i run up to the front desk. The lady there looks at Maria and her eyes grow big. “Oh my!” She exclaims and presses a button on a machine. “Doctor James! We need you at the front stat! Its an Emergency!” She doesn't wait for a reply as she gets a gurney and i set Maria gently on it.


I see a man in a white doctors coat speed walking towards us. “Nurse Alex! Get this women to the operating room! Now!” He yells at a nurse close by. Since he is closer to me I can see his features. He has some light brown hair with a lot of grey. He looks to be in his late 30’s with the wrinkle lines and extra weight.

He starts to walk away with the nurse but turns around and come back to me. He lays a hand on my shoulder. “Son, she is going to be fine. There is only Minor Injuries but we will get her stitched up and  better, ok? Why dont you go sit in the waiting room and I will come out and tell you when you can see her and give you an update, ok?” He smiles sadly at me before turning around again and walking the way they took Maria.  

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