**Originally my NaNoWriMo novel but it didn't work...**

You have to go and find Myra. You've spent too many days at Café Mystique with her, too many late picnics in the park, too many lazy days round her house. Your Dad left you when you were young, and now her? No. You won't let this happen.

But your mysterious family history begins to un-cover itself, and you find yourself closer and closer to your awaiting fate. You never believed in the future, or fate, but now that's far too much of a reality...


1. When










The day you meet Myra, is the day you won’t forget. It’s like the day you win that award you’ve always wanted, or when your baby sibling is born, or when you have your first kiss. You remember every detail, every little thing your senses pick up, it’s all strung together in one un-forgettable memory that’s always with you. Forever.









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