There were 6. All from different lives, living different stories until big events start to happen to them each on the same exact day. What happens when their abilities are accidentally publicized? There hiding is forced to be done to work with 5 well-known superhero's who protect the everyday lives of London citizens? What happens when maleficent revenge is seeking the inexperienced rookies? Guess that's those are the perks for being Almost Human.


1. P r o l o g u e .



   I blow on my cherry red nails as I just had gotten finished painting them. The only sound that surrounded me was the buzzing noise from the ceiling light in the long corridor outside of my jail cell, that obviously needed a new bulb.      See I am one of the most prominent faces in London, because I am also one the most malicious faces as well. I'm Jennifer, but most people know me as Baby Doll. One of the most deranged, evil, human beings in London. Well, almost human. I got here about four years back, during a huge brawl in London with others just like me. Sure let's call it, Good vs Evil. And yeah, Good won and we all ended up being put in here by Young Justice. Pricks that fight for the citizens of London. I dated one of them, Niall Horan ,known as The Ireland Hybrid, But of course it was before they found out how " evil " I was. But It was all for information anyway, to know what was their next step, and maybe a bit of sex came in the mix as well. But I've  been studying their moves, each way they " protect " the people of Bradford, and when I escape, even if takes more than a decade I'll have my revenge.    " Lunch time Jenn. Ya hungry, Baby?" I hear a familiar Thick Irish voice taunt disgustingly seductive behind me. I face the a screw,Tom, who has the widest grin upon his face I'd love a chance to get to shred apart.      A devious smirk sets on my lips as i jump out of my top bunk and walk over towards the bars Tom was behind, that kept me from escaping. The pit of my stomach had butterflies when I caught him shifting away from the bars uncomfortably as I had gotten closer. " You know, I always had a thing for you Tom."     A deep chuckle leaves his mouth which catches me a bit off guard. " Doll face, I've been aware of your craving to make me ya next victim since you've gotten ya self here." He taps the tip of my nose and pulled back right when I tried to bite his finger. " Unlocking your jail cell would be a death trap." He winks before sliding the tray of food with his foot, under neath the bars barely 3feet from touching the ground, which made it impossible to escape.    " Go fuck yourself." I sneer through clenched teeth. " Enjoy, Baby Doll." He snickers walking away from my cell.    " The minute I get out of here I'm going to enjoy slicing your throat with my bare hands in front of your entire family." I call out before aiming a huge amount of spit at one of the bars accidentally as it was intended to be at him. I walk back to my bunk until I was inturpted by a loud sizzling sound behind me. I slowly face the bars that had one burned through. (Slant)No fucking way.     I count each breath that leaves my trembling mouth as I walk over towards the bars in unbelief. My hand reaches to touch it and I quickly pull back from the burning hot bars. I spit at another bar stepping back until my saliva burns through it, starting to sizzle.     " I did it! I fucking did it!"  I chant dancing in place. I quickly search my cell for something big like a glass jar, or bottle, as I walk over to my bunk I hit my foot against my nail polish remover. I curse to myself before realizing what I now have. I pick up the bottle reading the back, the ingredients. I scan each word until it finally landed on what I was searching for, Acetonitrile.( an extremely dangerous substance and must be handled with caution as it can cause severe health effects and/or death. ) (slant)Hell Yes.    I smirk to myself before spitting inside of the bottle. Within seconds it begins to bubble viciously. I run over to the bars before splashing the nail polish remover all over them. I take a few steps back and chuckle deeply proud with my work. I walk out of my cell and glance up and down the dim empty corridor.     As I walk down the hall I hear pleading from almost every jail cell.     So the " villains" were all placed here because the room isn't objected to any of our powers I thought, but it's been a week without our daily dose of medicines to keep us in tack.  (Slant)Such idiots.     I roll my eyes grinning from their pleads. Until I realized the more damage and Chaos we can create, the better.  (slant)Having all these guys wonder about London would be so disasterious, which is perfect in my eyes.      I walk over to a red button that says " release all." (Slant)Such oblivious human beings. And I press hard on it until I see every jail cell one-by-one open. (Slant)Let the hell begin.     I hear loud cheers and dark laughter from all around the room as we all walked to a plain brick wall. I share grins with Jack as he walks up to the brick wall and the red burning laser from his dark pupils burned through the brick wall in a circular shape, and fell back.     " Good job." I pat his chest before facing the view of the gloomy sky through the hole in the wall.     " So what's planned boss?" I here luke ask behind me. I turn around gliding my thumb across his chin. Everyone else turned to me wondering the same thing as well.    " We have our revenge. We've all spent four years behind our cells while these boys have the time of their life, buts that's over now. I hope they enjoyed their life while we were locked up. Haha,game on cocksuckers."

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