There were 6. All from different lives, living different stories until big events start to happen to them each on the same exact day. What happens when their abilities are accidentally publicized? There hiding is forced to be done to work with 5 well-known superhero's who protect the everyday lives of London citizens? What happens when maleficent revenge is seeking the inexperienced rookies? Guess that's those are the perks for being Almost Human.


3. How it Begun. Part two.


 Kaelyns POV : I start panicking when i got the phone call from my sister. I started running as fast as I could to my sister's boyfriend apartment. I can't believe this is happening to her, no one deserves to be treated so dreadfully awful by someone. Oh I'm Kaelyn, sorry for the crappy introduction but a lot is going on for me at the moment. I grew up in a big city, and had to always keep my powers concealed, but it was hard because of how many people were around such as my parents and sister,Jessica.

  My powers showed through a lot uncontrollably, so I moved during my first year of high school. That's when I met Michael and found out he was " special " just like me. But Micheal didnt exactly use his powers for good so he ended up getting put in jail after a huge brawl a few years back. Dumb-ass. Anyway, Since then my sister Jess came out here to stay with her abusive seduceful bf I utterly hate.

 But their fights has been getting very serious to a point Jess showed up to my apartment door covered in bruises. But she doesn't care she claims he's still " recovering." (Slant) Hmpff, recovering my ass. Reality brings me back as I accidentally run into a girl with a Polaroid camera strapped from her neck. My head snaps back to the view ahead of me and I continue on running to my Derrick's apartment.

 " Hay, watch were your going!!" I hear another girl call out. It must of been her friend or something. I kept running until I made it to the red familiar 4-story building. I looked both sides of me and no one was near. I then flew to the top of the building bumping into the wall a few times up until I finally held onto to the rail of the balcony bars, were my sister was being strangled by her boyfriend. One of my feet kick open the glass window catching both of their attention.

  Tears begin to slip down Jessica's rosy red cheeks more as she saw me. " Let go of her!! She didn't do anything to you, just please let go of her!" I scream hitting him until he turned to me. He was one of the scariest faces I've ever come to meeting with. Truly maleficent . He pushed her into the couch grinning at me.

  " What are you going to do, save the day Kaelyn? Huh?" He asks walking closer to me as I backed into the balcony. " Your useless, just like your petty sister and your drug addicted parents." I shake my head trying to block out his harsh words.

 " That's not true." I mutter in tears. " It isn't?" He grabs me by my waist as I hit him begging for mercy. Before I knew it I was swinging backwards off the balcony, only being held by his hand on my ankle. I begin to hyperventilate as I saw all the scared shitless faces from feet's away from me. I scream managing to lift my head up a bit, to see Jason pushing my sister back as she tried to grab me from his grip.

  " PLEASE DON'T DO THIS DERRICK!! I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT JUST PLEASE DON'T DROP HER!! " I hear my sister, Jane, choke out clawing at him and pleading to keep me from falling. My breathing was pitch as the amount of cold air lifted my air way making it a struggle to calm down.

  " You see Kaelyn, there's only two kinds of people who get what they want in this fucked up world. People who fight for what they want or spoiled twits, seems your out of luck." I lift my head up again and claw at his shirt trying to pull my self up but it was no use, he only pulled my hands back down. Screams from police officers and bystanders continue on as Derrick did nothing but threaten to drop me if they came in the apartment. I suddenly felt his tight grip on my ankle loosen which made my paranoia grow within a heart beat.

  Tears left my eyes for the billionth time today. If was going to die and no one could do anything about it. I try once again to fly from his grip but it was to strong, and I wasn't an expert at flying yet, Especially from this length gap between me and the ground. His hand finally left my ankle, making me fall down rapidly as shouts of panic got closer which scared me even more, until my weight was lightened by a catch from the girl I think I ran into earlier, holding me in thin air?

 She's superhuman too?! What the hell do they put in the water these days.

  " I think a thank you would come in handy right now." She smiles warmly. I laugh still in disbelief. " T-thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" I hug her as tight as I could. I could tell she was a bit caught off guard by my approach but I didn't care, this girl saved my f*cking life. She nods finally landing on the ground.

  " No problem." A load of relief leaves my shoulders as I see the SWAT finally get into the building Jess was in with that psycho! Loud cheers surrounded us along with reporters with questions and huge camcorders.

" Your a superhero as well as Young Justice?!"
" How did you get this way? Are you working with Young Justice!?"
" What words did you guys exchange after your terrific catch."
" Do both of you work together?" The questions went on and on until The Ireland Hybrid, flew to our area in the crowd out of nowhere which had all the media buzzing for information. His eyes made contact with both of us until I was suddenly tugged away out of the crowd by the girl that saved my life.

  " What are you doing!?" I ask struggling to remove my wrist from her grip as she leads us behind a building.

  " Look, you can never tell anyone about what just happened okay. Don't tell them my name or even what I'm saying, Nada." She says. My eyebrows fur together confused from what she was saying.

 " Why I don't even know your name? But, I mean your superhuman too! And you can fly much better than I can, also you saved my life. Flaunt a little." I nudge her arm playfully.

  She shakes her head facing me. " Okay you don't get it! If I come out of the closet my entire life will change and I don't need any- Wait, what do you mean I fly much better than you can?" She asks staring me down. I gulp from her intimidating look.

  " Well, I'm super human too." I sigh facing away from her. Out of no where a loud gasp leaves her mouth which made my eyes widen from her sudden excitement.

  " No way, Prove it." She places her hand on her hips smirking at me. I roll my eyes stepping back before shutting my eyes closed and concentrate on turning into my ability. Out of nowhere I hear a gasp basically telling me I'm now invisible.

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