There were 6. All from different lives, living different stories until big events start to happen to them each on the same exact day. What happens when their abilities are accidentally publicized? There hiding is forced to be done to work with 5 well-known superhero's who protect the everyday lives of London citizens? What happens when maleficent revenge is seeking the inexperienced rookies? Guess that's those are the perks for being Almost Human.


4. How it begun part three.

 ( Ariana pierce played by @Ariana pierce )

   Ariana's POV :

 "Alright I think we're done! Nice practice today everyone, make sure your all here by 5 so we can go over a few cheers before the game on Friday." I tell everyone, grabbing my cheer bag and my pompoms along with the rest of my cheer squad. I walk out of the gym hearing "byes" and " see ya tomorrow Ari "s follow behind me.  

   Oh, I'm Ariana Pierce by the way. I am currently cheer captain for one of Bradford's best secondary school's. Sure go ahead with the basic stereotypes. Since I'm a cheerleader I must have the most popular boy in school head over-heels for me, everyone loves me/Envy's me, and I'm drunken rich. Stop, this isn't one of those silly american cheerleader movies like " bring it on " nope this is reality. Where nothing goes right even whenever your hoping it does.  
 You see I use to be able to go by the stereotype of being " ms.popular " but sad enough my parents were both killed by mad people greedy for the riches my parents inherited. So being the only child, I ended up in a fostintoome. I live with this two couple Lydia and Becca, the sweetest two. Yes their females, and no I don't care one bit about it.     They love me and I love them and I can't thank them enough for taking me into their home as I was only a young one when they did. But before my parents were killed they had jobs as chemist.

 They had a lab I use to always be curious into knowing what they worked on and whatever did those vibrant colorful liquids in the test tubes were used for. My noseyness came back to bite me in the arse when I indulged one the funny tasting liquids. Mixed together with my chemical bounds, they gave me these powers I've grown to get use to and confined to my two foster mothers who excepted me because even though I wasn't completely human, in their eyes I was as normal as anyone else who walks this earth.    I've thought about coming clean to S.H.E.I.D.S agency but I have so much to loose if I do. I want to go to college. I want to have kids some day. If i ever got publicized, all my hard work to get where I am now in my life, would just be useless.

    As I walk outside of the gym the ocean blue sky catches my attention, bringing a smile upon my lips. I begin to walk home, glancing back and forth at my phone screen waiting for a text message from a guy I've been crushing on since I've started 9th grade, Brent. He was also the first guy I've ever kissed as well.    But we haven't DTR yet which honestly drives me mad. He hugs me from behind, sends me cheeky pictures, and snogs me in the hallways but never listens to a word I say. I definitely wouldn't call it a 'FWB' relationship but whatever it was, it needed to be defined before homecoming.  

 I go down an ally that was a shortcut to my house from the school, its always usually empty at this time of the day so I don't really pay much attention to  a few bystanders wondering about it.    My attention was suddenly brought back to a few guys smirking and snickering as I walk by them. I felt their presents sneak up behind me until three of them blocked in front of me.  Oh god, here we go.  

 " Now look at what we have here boys." A guy with teeth more yellow then my spaghetti string tee grins cupping my chin as I yanked it away. " A Bradford beauty taking a walk in the bad part of town." Hands caressed my hips and my arse all around me, as I slap them all away.  

 " Stop." I shift my body trying to push away from all the broad bodies surrounding me. " Get off of me." Strong hands grip my waist harshly placing me against someone's crouch. I groan from bulge against my spanks.  

 " You think you can just come out here, wearing that and not get any males attention?" A devilish smirk plasters one of the men's faces before a grimy wet kiss smothers my mouth. That was it.    I kneed him in his groan, wrapping my arm around his neck secure enough that it made him pant for air. My feet lift up, kicking the guy in front of him in his throat then pushing him back  into the brick wall with my foot. I turn around still holding someone in my grip, to see a guy with golden blonde hair pointing a gun at me.

 I slapped him with my foot before kicking the gun into the air and back kicking him inti the guy in my arms.    My eyes dart to the gun resting on the ground and traveled up to another guy racing to get it. I grab a belt out of one of the guys pants, grabbing his ankle with it and pulling it forward until he fell backwards. I turn around and jump up as my eyes spot another guy running up right to me.

I groaned wrapping a leg around his neck. He tried to pry my leg off of his suffocated neck with grunts and gasps for air but it didn't work as in results he falls to the ground unconscious.    My hand reaches down picking up the gun while my leg hugs a his neck securely, my hand plays with the trigger, and my eyes start to dilate to the new position I was in by being upside down hanging from some ones neck I took me a second before seeing a guy with chocolate curly locks, dark emerald orbs in a purple and red suit that looked amazing bon his torso. It was the Emerald Horizon, a member of Young Justice. Shit.

  He shot bolts of electricity at the grimmy men, from both of his palms. I just hang there upside dow, ignoring the guys struggle from my leg's grip still around his neck. As I was mesmerized in his movement before I notice all the restless bodies on the concrete pavement. My big brown eyes met his Emerald orbs I couldn't help but feel lost in-    Wait, what am I doing!?   I grip the gun, and began to pull at the trigger that kept releasing bullets that he just waved away with his hands. I grow angrier as I continue to shoot at him and all the bullets headed towards him weren't even a foot away from touching him before they all fell to the ground. 

  " What are you?" He asks walking closer to me. I quickly release from the guys neck before I back flip over to him.    " I'm human." I simpered, trying to avoid contact with him the entire time. All of a sudden I feel a squeeze on my arse making me go from 0 to 80 within a blink of an eye.

  Next thing I knew was my hands grabbed him by his neck before throwing him against a brick wall. I gave a puzzled look as I watch his amused face instantly.   " Your Hot, you know." He licked his bottom lip staring at mines. I felt uncomfortably strange after that comment left  his grinning mouth.   

" How'd you fine me?" I cut to the chase trying not to let his gaze get to me. I feel a deep chuckle leave his mouth and vibrate my hand as it clenched tighter to his neck. " Answer me, dammit."   " Doesn't matter, But this might hurt a bit." He says before his palm touch my forehead making everything go black.

                                            *  A U T H O R S  x   x  x  N O T E  *
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