There were 6. All from different lives, living different stories until big events start to happen to them each on the same exact day. What happens when their abilities are accidentally publicized? There hiding is forced to be done to work with 5 well-known superhero's who protect the everyday lives of London citizens? What happens when maleficent revenge is seeking the inexperienced rookies? Guess that's those are the perks for being Almost Human.


2. How It Begun. Part One.

  ( Sera Winters Played by @AmourStylinson , Enjoy! )

  Sera Winters POV

" One more." I smile bending a knee down on the concrete pavement while taking another picture of the beautiful Rosemary garden in front of me. It was already a beautiful sunny day in London, so it fit the setting perfectly. " All done." I get up shaking the Fresh blurry Polaroid picture until the colors show out more vibrant. You see I'm a photographer, not a professional one or anything but I did spot a job at the England paper downtown which atleast lets people see my work. But I started photography since I was just a young, moving to Bradford from Yorkshire with me dad because him and me mum's divorce and all. I was about 11 and I didn't wanna leave where I've been so familiar with all my life but, it was a whole new exposure to me that opened my eyes in how beautiful the world was.

    " Get up, you look like a mad person." I laugh facing my witty yet loveable mate, Lacey. See me and Lace' are basically sisters from another mister.  I knew her every since I moved to Bradford, she actually moved here from Jersey a few years after I did, with her parents. (Slant)ps. yes she does have one of those -addicting to mock-  Jersey accents.    I roll my eyes playfully, walking towards her stiff figure leaning against her white buggie she got for her 16th.     
 " Ouu, did you get any good shots of me today?" She asks turning my Polaroid Cam to her so she could begin flashing many selfies. I laugh taking my camera out her hands and into my rucksack.      " Ugh I'm so glad you don't have work today, because I'm going out with this guy I met  at a club a few weeks back and he has a cousin..." Lacey trails off while we walk to the nearest Caff. 

    I gave no thought before shaking my head violently. " No, no if this is one of your double date things I do not wanna be in it." My eyes catch attention to a crowd of people near a narrow building. I couldn't tell if they were yelling or cheering it became so loud.

    " What's so wrong with double dating? It's fun!" She chirps obviously tuning out the noise.  " No it's not. Just, Remember last time I went on a double date with you, the guy ended up taking my doggie bag after we left the restraunt and tried to stick his tongue down my throat." I shiver from the memory of last summer as Lacey just chuckles from it.  

   " Hay British girls get quite the attraction huh?" She winks nudging me in the arm. I roll my eyes turning my attention back to the crowd that grew since the last time I glanced over at it.

    " I wonder what the big noise is about." I mutter. She shrugged going through the pictures.      Out of no where one of superhero guys flies from the air into the busy crowd. Unless your unaware of what in hell just happened. There are such things as Super Heroes.. It happens very so seldom like someone being born without feet. But it happened to 5 boys that are just about known everywhere, since they have saved millions. And of course every super hero has to have a enemy which are of course called the " villains" in any other comic or disney movie. But this isn't fiction. This is reality.  

   "Oh my god did you just see that? It's that hot guy from  Young Justice!!" Lacey shrieks pointing to the guy who had people crawling all over him while microphones & camera's were shoved in his face .   
  " Come on let's-" Before I could finish my sentence, I got shoved out the way by a girl with cotton pink wavy hair bouncing as she ran along the pavement.

     " Hay watch where your going!! " Lacey snaps at the girl as she soon disappears from running down the hill. As I tried to hold back my laugh by her sudden irritation, I tug on Lacey's wrist until she finally gives in following me the rest of the way to the Caff a few blocks away. 
  " I swear some people are just so disrespectful! I mean how are you going to literally shove a bystander out of the way like that? If that happened in Jersey you'd get cut." Lacey and I walk into the Caff smelling the Essence's of Baps and freshly made Black coffee that made my stomach growl violently. 

    " Bon' jour Ma'dam! deux cafés et peu une macrons?" I ask smiling slightly. She nods repeating the order too a few people in the kitchen. Lacey and I find two empty seats at a table, quickly taking them both.  

  " You know Sera.. The guy we saw back there before that girl bumped into you." I nod looking up from my profolio I grabbed out my rucksack.    "  I know your not going to conciter it.. It's just.. Ya waistin ya talent Sera. You could be out there with those super heroes and-" I shh her since people started to stare once she said  "super heroes". When I became.. This way, I was scared and I felt alone. I couldn't bare to tell my parents because the way they would react to me would make me feel less human than I already am. So I told Lacey, the only one I could count on to never judge me no matter what I go through in life.

    " Look, It's not a talent it's a curse, and I don't want to be out there okay I'm not a social butterfly and I don't have the potential." I mutter.
She stops sipping her coffee and glares. " Are you kidding me? You have potential! You love people, I mean If I got shoved out the way like that earlier I would of killed that pink headed girl." We both chuckle thanking the waiter that came up to our table dropping off the things I ordered.

 Lacey's smile fades away as she eyes the macarons.     " Sera, what the hell did you order?" She blinks. I laugh picking up the English cookie, popping it in my mouth.     "You've  lived here more than 12 years and you don't know what these are?" I ask trying to hold back my laugh.

    " Oh give me a break I barely found out what Ciao means last week."  
  " Lacey.. That's Italian." We chuckle shortly being inturpted by broadcasting news on the mini flat screen TV on the wall.

     "Breaking news , There is a young lady Hanging up side down from a four story building. The male gripping her who police have comfirmed to be   schizophrenic from his disturbing history files. Police are trying their best to prevent him from letting her go as he threatens to drop her if they come into the building!" The Caff shack was suddenly filled with gasps and shocked faces.   " Jesus Christ." I mutter completely flabbergasted. " My gosh." Lacey covers her mouth disgusted from the mans behavior. I immediately get up from my seat running outside the door as Lacey followed me.I spot the boys helping a burning down building that was in flames.     
 Shit, this is actually happening.
  I face Lacey who was already panicking. " Sera, it's time." She states  looking back at the worried faces inside the building. 

     " Ugh, What's the address?" I shout at her, still in disbelief as she looks to the television set and back at me. This could be the end of my normal life. " Aberdeen terrace, clayton, bd14 ! Sera please Hurry!"    I nod  beginning to run off as quickly as I ever have. " Oh and Sera!" I hear Lacey call out. I stop running to face her. " Be careful." 

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