Peter's Shadow

A short story about what could happen after peter pan in scarlet.


1. Peter's Shadow

After his return from London, peter was thinking about his shadow. It had recently grown back all the way after hook had cut it off. He was also thinking about how it been coming a little loose of late. But, apart from his misgivings, he went to sleep as usual.

    That night another presence was in the room.

        As the shadow began to think its first thought was; Hook.

    “I need to find Hook,” the shadow thought but because the shadow had Peter’s memories it remembered that hook had been left for dead, with his red coat! That coat had magic; he could still be living and well! He could even be strong again, all that flimsy yarn gone! But, that also means he is still in Neverland, and I can’t fly… or can I?

    As a silhouette shot out of the window the shadow realized he was already in Neverland. He had broken out of Peters groggy state so he flew, shimmering under the moonlight, in search of Hook. As he flew over the lagoon, he saw a shipwreck deep in the clear water, “Hook wouldn’t be too happy about that,” he thought, “But, oh well, he’s still here without any means of escape. That isn’t that bad,” He chuckled to himself quietly.

But soon he saw a flash of scarlet under the ominous onyx trees of the black forest. Then the terrain was throbbing slightly, almost as if the island was sending up some creature out of the ground to accomplish something. Unfortunately for the both of them, that was exactly what it was doing. The ground gave a final heave as the both of them fell to the unforgiving stones below that had been driven out of the inner earth.

They both hit the ground believing as hard as they could. For Captain James Hook, this did nothing. It did nothing because he had lost his ability to wish long ago. The shadow however was only pure belief, it had, of course, come off due to magic and belief, so he was hovering above Hook as the captain struck the ground a mere foot away from the nearest stone. The pirate opened his eyes, saw the shadow, and blew a sharp note on a whistle he had just whipped out of his pocket.

The shadow heard something crashing and stumbling through the bushes. As soon as the wild sound of disrupted foliage stopped, a low growl emanated from a nearby cluster of bushes.

Hook watched the following events with joy; A huge black wolf flew from the bushes, its mouth a gaping cave. But soon his excitement turned into despair. The shadow flew about a meter to the left and the huge animal was left heading towards him.

The next morning, Peter was thinking about Hook as well. He scoured the island, but found nothing. In the afternoon he found a rather large dog of some sort with a fresh cut in its ear and some red cloth between its claws. Fortunately for Peter, it was asleep. After a few more hours of searching he came back to the spot where he found the strange animal, but all he found was a solitary brass button.

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