runnawy girl

a girl runs away from home she gets abused by her dad and her mum gets hurt can she save her before its to late


1. running away

Crash bang glass fell to the floor rich red blood stained the creamy white carpet. Willows mum screamed as the glass cup hit her mums leg, it had cut her leg badly and the wound was deep.'' Run , willow run'' her mum screamed.

Willow ran up the stairs as quick as a mouse. She packed her rucksack with things that she would need:

. water


.her horse

. a rope

. a duvet for her horse

. a compass

These were all the things she would need for her journey to visit her grandma. She knew this was going to happen as her mum told her that she had broken the expensive mirror her dad had bought and know he was angry, really angry.

And her mum was going to pay for it dearly.

Willow ran to the stables and got her horse shine as she could not bear to leave her behind.Shine had a dark chocolate main and her coat was the colour of milk chocolate.

She took some hay with her as shine may get hungry and she also took Shines special horse blanket just in case , it was yellow in colour and it was faded and tattered at the sides.

She swung herself on shines back and She rode into the woods , her rucksack was piercing itself into her back .

she swiftly took the compass out of her rucksack to see which direction she should ride on. Her grandma had said that when she needed to get to her she should always go east.




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