runnawy girl

a girl runs away from home she gets abused by her dad and her mum gets hurt can she save her before its to late


3. on the way to a home

The grass was full of daisies and the grass was so green it couldn't be greener. When Willow thought that the day couldn't get worse she was wrong. Thick heavy drops of rain started to roll down her face and her hair was starting to get drenched .

''Darn it!''Willow said aloud-she had totally forgotten to take an umbrella with her. She swiftly swung herself on Shine's back and tapped Shine's side with her heels.Shines speed got quicker and quicker bit by bit as all of a sudden a yellow line stuck  the dark blue sky.Shine started to panic and started running in all directions when Willow tried to take her under control it was useless .

After two hours of sitting on shines sodden back willow felt really uncomfortable and tired.When shine had slowed down they were lost and Willow had lost her compass so the only thing that she could do was wait until the next day until she could see something and figure out which way was east.

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