out of my mind

I don't feel like writing one so just read it


2. 2

luke grabbed my hair and pushed me in the car, haley smacked him. Michael came over and his face was getting red, his hand going into a fist finally he knocked luke out, he picked me up and put me in the back seat. he pulled my hair back looking into my eyes saying "you okay babe?" I smiled and nodded.

he made Haley drive and I fell asleep.

I woke up wondering where we were, it was the hospital. we needed to put luke in there or something. his nose was probably broken. god damn Michael.

Michael took me home. I figured luke & Haley had a thing so we left.

his house was pretty big. he went upstairs and laid me down. he took off his shirt putting his arms around me. we fell asleep.

the next morning we woke up and I put m makeup on because it was in my shirt. we went to go see luke.

he was okay. him and Haley were cuddling it was so cute. Luke woke up and looked at me. he rolled him eyes and looked away.

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