out of my mind

I don't feel like writing one so just read it


1. 1

aevrays pov

I woke up in the morning pissed, I just got into a fight with my best friend, Haley. I picked out my outfit and decided what I should do with my hair.

I decided to put up a high messy bun with a braid around it and wear high waisted shorts and a nirvana crop top. for shoes I just put on my combat boots. they're so old ew.

I got a text from someone, it was Haley. I really didn't wanna look at it but I decided I should bc she's my only friend, or was..

. it said "aevray I truly am sorry. all of our of our fights are because of me and I love you bae please forgive me?."

i texted her back and said "it's okay babe love you."

she was walking over to my house bc we talked like every day. we had a double date with luke and Michael. she was with Michael and I was with Luke. it was in the woods and omg I was so happy.

I picked her up then we drove to Luke's house. I got in the back with Luke and Michael in the front, Haley was driving.

we got to the woods and luke and Haley were still. in the car. me and Michael were in the woods already. before I knew it Michael put me on his back and ran to the end of the woods.

I yelled "what the fuck are you doing?" "come on baby" he said. I freaked out.

he sat down and put me on his lap and he kissed me. his lips were so soft so I kissed back. I couldn't resist so I kissed back. he took off his shirt and smirked at me so I took off mine.

he was about to take off my bra as Luke Haley were yelling our names. we rushed and put our clothes on. Luke and Haley looked at us and their mouths dropped.

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