B-day song

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  • Published: 12 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 12 Nov 2014
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I wrote this for my brothers 18'th birthday. It's to the melody I'm yours, by Jason Mraz.


1. ♫♪: I'm yours - Jason Mraz

Soo, boy it’s your birthday and we’re really gonna partey,

It’s hard to believe, but you look kinda smart, eh?

The years has just flown by

Now shoes, suit and tieee

Playing music has always been a real passion,

But you are also interested in fashion

Well listen to my song

And if you can just sing alooong


Heey, it’s your special day

So let’s all say

Congratulation, to yooou


Now, all of us are gathered here today

We are with you here to stay

If there’s someone you can trust,

Be sure it’s us

So if you’re ever feeling down or maybe low

I’ll be here for you my bro

If you just put on a smile

You’ll share it with us for a whileee


Heey, it’s your special day

So let’s all say

Congratulation, to yooou

18 years have passed

It all went fast

But here we are

With free baaar!


Well 18 Years ago you were just a little baby

And now here we are with a beer daily

Living life and having fun

It’s all just beguun

When we were kids, we used to play football

Yeah, It was fun, and you often used to fall

But you stood right up

You’ll make it to the tooop


Heey, it’s your special day

Soo, let’s all say

Congratulation, to youuu

Weeell this song took a while,



So let’s end it with (the Simon) style

Please grab your beers 

Let's all say Cheeers!                                             


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