Indi and john are married and have been for 10 years they have been dreaming to go to Africa and it has alway been a dream thill one day.
John goes on a game show and wins $15000.

What will happen??


1. just a dream

"Let's go, let's go, we have been waiting a long time for this" I said while getting in the car "coming, it's happening just calm down" john said while pulling out the driveway.

We got to the airport and put our luggage through security and it was all clear, but when we were going through security we both got pulled back for having drugs and knives on us. I didn't believe it.

"Why?,why?, we have be waiting for this to happen ever since we got married" I cried while getting checked again all over

"it will happen we just have to be patent and be kind to the security officer."

While John was getting checked I was sitting there with all this stuff in front of me that they found from me that I did t know we even had. John was suppressed that they found drugs, knives, and three bombs he was going to jail for a month and he didn't get to see me for that time.

They found bombs, drugs and perfume which wasn't mine all on me and I had to go to jail for a month as well but in d different cell.

"Ahhhhhh why, why do I............." I was just about through my sentence when I herd "honey, honey, wake up, you have a dream, you slept in" John said on his way to work.

"OMG it was just a dream" I said with a smile on my face.

"Wait, it was just a dream?, it wasn't really happening?" I said with a slight smile on my face.

"Babe, what was the dream about?" John asked

"We were on our way to Africa and we were going through security and we got caught for having bombs, drugs, knives and I have perfume that wasn't mine, it was scary, I thought it was real" I said with a scared face.

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