The great escape

My entry for The maze runner competition.


3. Chapter Three

The only thing I could see was darkness. I was fully submerged in the blackness. My head felt groggy and I rolled my neck to get the kinks out. I felt like I was waking up from a sleep that I had been in for the past seventeen years. Maybe I had been asleep. This whole ‘I’m going to die in nine days thing’ was just a dream. A horrifying nightmare. I fluttered my eyes open to be meet with more darkness. I was fully aware now but I couldn’t move from my seated position. I struggled against my captor to realise I was only fighting against a chair. I was still in the room, bolted to a chair. Although now there was a twist, they had put a blindfold over my face. Just Brilliant.


“You wont win you know” I screamed into the void that was my surroundings. “I will get out of here and when I do I will kill every last one of you”


Both statements were false in this case and I knew it. If the prize is killing me, they will win and I will never get out of here and they will be free to live. The rage that was inside of me was unbearable. I screamed out loud, a guttural animalistic sound falling from my mouth. That was until a hand clamped firmly over my mouth muffling the sound. I struggled against it but that just caused my captive to place me in a firm headlock.


“Bloody hell, do you want to get us both killed?” a voice hissed into my ear. It was a woman’s voice, a thick accent laced through her words. “Now I’m going to let go and your going to stop screaming”


Seeing no other alternative, I stopped fighting the hold and relaxed my body. The arm loosened the grip around my neck and her hand fell away from my mouth.


“Was I asleep for that long?” I asked. This must be my executioner, sending me to my death.


“Asleep?” she questioned. I heard bustling behind me that sounded like metal. A small grunt of approval sounded from the woman as I felt her move to my arm. She must have found the perfect weapon.


“Well, last time I checked I had nine days to live but now you’re here so it must mean I slept through it or something. Or do you guys not play by the rules anymore?” I asked. The woman’s hands were wiping something around my wrists and then mirroring the process on my feet. “What the hell are you doing?”


“If I was bringing you to your death do you really think your in a position to question me?” the woman asked mockingly. “I mean, I could kill you right here and right now”


I was about to accept my fate and insist she do it here. I didn’t want my death to be a public spectacle, as it probably would be in this barbaric place. If she killed me here I could at least die with my dignity. Yet I didn’t have time to tell her this because she had shoved a cloth into my mouth so that any cries I made were muffled. Who the hell is this woman?


“Won’t be long now,” she whispered in my ear. “Just try to keep still”


Now that she had actually admitted to being near to killing me I knew I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to die. And I certainly didn’t want to die with out a fight. I wasn’t going to keep still; I was going to make it as hard as possible. I strained my ankles and wrist in the restraints, trying to thrash my body about.


“I said keep still” she hissed trying to hold my arms back and in place. “Fine, have it your way”


Suddenly a burning sensation ran up my arm, melting the skin of my wrists. I tried to scream in pain but the cloth in my mouth only gagged me. The flame now moved on to other parts of my body like my feet. The pain ran up my legs in a fiery passion. There was nothing I could do to stop it. This woman was burning me alive. The pain was excruciating and never ending.


Until it ended.


There was no more fiery flames crawling up my arms or my legs and everything was silent. What the hell happened?


I strained my body against the restraints to find there weren’t any restraints. I was free. Nothing was holding me back. I pulled the cloth from my mouth and ripped the blindfold from my eyes. There a girl was standing in front of me, giving me a smug smile.


“I told you to sit still, didn’t I?” she laughed. It was a British accent, I was sure now. Yet it wasn’t the accent that had left me speechless. It wasn’t that I was free or that my wrists and ankles were seething in pain from the burns. It was the girl in front of me. Her blonde hair looks familiar. Her sharp green eyes look familiar. Her heart shaped face, her full pink lips, every inch of her being looked familiar.


“Lux, you looked like you’ve seen a ghost” she smiled. I hadn’t seen a ghost. Standing before me, wasn’t some random girl. It was me. I was standing before myself. The version in front of me was clean and bruise-free but it was still me.


“How the hell…” I spluttered backing up and falling over the chair leg onto the floor.


“Sorry, maybe I should formally introduce myself. Lux, I’m Acacia. Your twin” she said casually as if she did this everyday. This couldn’t be right. They told me I had an abandoned sister not a renegade twin. Yet she stood before me, offering her hand. I took it and she pulled me to my feet. “I’m here to rescue you”


“How are we getting out of here? How did you get in here?” I asked incredulous at what I was hearing.


“With these” she waved two electrical batons in her hand. The monsters I had been afraid of my whole life. She opened the heavy door to the room slowly and peered outside. When she was satisfied, she pulled it the whole way open to reveal two guards unconscious on the floor. She threw me a baton and I fumbled with it in my hands. She held the door open and she waved a hand out.

“Alright twin, it’s time for your great escape”


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