The great escape

My entry for The maze runner competition.


1. Chapter one

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.


The sound of happy little singsong birds fluttered around my cell, bouncing off the walls. To any other person the sound could possibly be labelled a “beautiful” sound or a “cheerful” sound; but to me, it was most definitely mocking. An infuriating sound. Why should pathetic little birds have a happy trouble free life when I don’t? That hardly seems fair.


Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.


I dragged my head from the cold metal, that was as close to a bed as I will ever see, and launched my fist at the small barred window at the roof of my cell. It took me one miniscule step to reach the wall and stretching on my toes I was able to bash my fist violently against the bars. The birds outside scattered in all directions carrying their song far away. I smiled momentarily at the reprieve before I was jolted from the window and onto the floor. Pain writhed through my back, both from the fall and the volts of electricity coursing through my body.


“I tell you every day to stay away from the window. Why do you not learn? Is the shock not working for you?” a gruff figure barked at me from above.


He was hovering over me, a metal baton threateningly close to my face. I didn’t even hear the heavy door open or his stalking advance. The soldiers in this place were as quick and quiet as a fox, but as smart as a plank of wood. He had made one colossal mistake in his silent attack; the door behind him was left open just slightly. Making the only thing standing in the way of my freedom a 6-foot man with a whip of electric. It was safe to say the odds were defiantly not in my favour.


A gentle shiver in my toe made me aware of the regaining feeling in my body. The pain, while still severe, was subsiding. I just needed another 30 seconds and I would at least be able to move.


“You know I do whatever it takes to see your lovely face everyday” I tried to smile sweetly but it morphed into a pursed pout of pain. ‘Even if it is under these unfortunate circumstances’


He laughed at my remark and his grimace widened into a condescending smirk. “Unfortunate for only one of us”


He drew the electric baton down and swiped it along the trail of my spine. Black dots were fuzzing up my vision and the pain was unbearable and it was turning into a fight to keep consciousness. But the door was my only chance of escape. Feeling would return to my body in a couple of minutes, I just needed to keep him talking.


“Did you actually need me for something? Or do you just enjoy other peoples pain” I spat through gritted teeth. The pain was taking longer to settle this time. The guard’s face twitched and he lounged his body on the wall, gazing out at the small sliver of view available.


“Well, now that you mention it I did come with a mission in mind” he mused, before smiling greedily at me. “But watching you squirm was so much more fun”


“Your mother must be so proud” I bantered, watching his smug smile fade.


“You better watch yourself girl, otherwise you’ll get another one of these,” he said creeping the dormant baton down my spine.


 “Now, now, I seem to remember you have strict instructions not to kill me and the amount of electricity you’re pumping through me will be sure to do some damage” I teased hoping that my statement still rang true. I had overheard a conversation a couple of weeks ago ensuring the importance of my well-being but they didn’t bother elaborating on how long I would remain important for. Or what it actually was I’m important for.


“You know you’re right. Technically speaking we need you alive” he mused, staring out the window now as if weighing up options. “Yet, are you really that important in the grand scheme of things? I mean I could make your death look like an accident. There is no one who cares about you. No one that would miss you. Your really noth-“


He had been broken from his reverie and dropped to the floor by my foot making contact with his skull. It was probably more painful for me then for him but the guard was at least for now subdued. I hobbled from where he stood and latched onto the door. Alarms were blaring and a thick gas had started to fill the room, infiltrating my lungs. It hung heavy in the air, with no distinct taste or smell but it had a dizzying effect on my head. All of a sudden the ceiling looked as familiar as the floor and I couldn’t tell which was under my feet.


“Bloody hell Michael. You nearly let this one go,” a man bellowed, although his voice was muffled under a mask worn over his face. Three men were behind him, armed with guns and wrapped in protective gear including masks. I was getting the distinct feeling this gas wasn’t a good thing to be breathing in.


“Commander…” the guard addressed the new figure hastily, throwing his arm up to salute. Yet he was beginning to sway a little, clearly becoming infected by the gas. The dizziness was becoming too much for me and my legs couldn’t hold me any longer. I collapsed to the ground in a heap, my eyes still fighting for consciousness. From the floor, I witnessed the commander kick the man to the ground and grab his hair. The commander’s voice was too low to hear the conversation but two of the guards in the corridor carried him away.


The commander turned to face me and crouched down so his face was directly aligned with my own.


“It seems like I might have a little trouble with you darling,” he whispered, his mouth so close to my ear. He drew something from his belt and I felt cold metal against my skin. “My apologies in advance”


The metal burst into life at the touch of a button and he wielded the electrical contraption in violent arches along my body. The pain was excruciating but my body no longer had the will to fight. A pathetic gasp of air left my mouth in a feeble attempt to scream. Black stars danced across my vision and I don’t know what dragged me into unconsciousness first. The heavy gas pressing against my lungs, making it impossible to breathe or the vicious pain of the electric currents. Either way, the darkness was becoming my friend and I easily let it take me away. 

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