17 year old Anabeth smith is a normal teenager and has a normal life until she meets the love of her life Anthony. whom she falls deeply and head over heels in love with, but a terrible mistake tears them apart.Anabeth feels like her life is useless and worthless. what happens next will make you feel deeply for the characters.


1. The beginning

Paradise high was abuzz as I walked in the high iron gates. The noise was unbearable laughter, screams and 'I missed you' filled my ears. As i made my way towards the entrance doors, someone runs towards me and pulls me into a bone crushing hug. "Anabeth, how are you? I have missed you," It was Niki (short for Nikita) my best friend in the whole world, well sort of.                                                                                                                                                   "I c-can't b-breathe," I cried and she let me go.  "Sorry it's been so long!" She exclaimed as I took in long slow breaths.  "Honey I called you last night and we hung out all day yesterday," I remarked truthfully, holding back laughter as she exclaimed. "That's still ages!!" she could be so blonde sometimes and that's why I loved her. "Okay honey, whatever you say," I said giggling. Our conversationn was ended by the sound of the bell ringing in our ears. "Cya at lunch then," Niki yelled walking away not even turning around. "Okay cya," I murmed quietly, something was wrong we are definitley not as close as we were last term. 

I took out my phone to check the time, it was 9:30. I was already five minutes late and on my first day too. How long had I been standing there by myself for, I thought. "Shit!" I shouted and my voice echoed of the walls as i ran to get my books from my locker. Quickly shoving my books in my bag, I slammed my locker and ran as fast as I could. I whipped out my phone, I was now ten minutes late. BAM!! I had collided with someone and my books flew everywhere. "I'm sorry, I.." I told whoever I had run into and bent down, hastily shoving books in my bag.  "It's okay," the person returned sincerly and they bent down to help me.                          

"Thanxs," I started and looked up to see who it was and my eyes locked with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Turns out it was actually a guy I ran intio, a hot guy. I found myself blushing as the guy gave me a sexy, half smile, I returned it with a shy one. "Hi i'm Anthony Richardson," he told me holding out his hand. "Hi i'm...." I was about to grab the hand he was offering when Mr Sunks came out of the classroom opposite us. He walked over "Miss Everly why are you not in class?" He asked loudly and sternly.  "Umm.." I started but he cut me off.   "It doesn't matter anyway, but since your out of class. do you mind giving Mr Richardson a tour of our lovely school?"He asked. Ther was a moment silence and Mr Sunks gave me that 'just do as your told' look. "Fine," I spluttered looking over at Anthony who gave me that sexy smile again. "Okay when your done show him to his class," Mr sunks said to me walking off. I turned tio Anthony " I guess your stuck with me then."                                                                          

"It's fine," he murmed looking me in the eyes and we held each others eyes for a moment  before I dropped my gaze to the floor. "so let's go!" I said enthausiasticaly. We make our way around the 'lovely' school and I show him all th areas and classrooms. there has been an awkward silence between us for ages, so I break it. "How do you like it so far?" I ask him, he doesn't reply.I look up at him and see that he is staring at me. I feel a heat work it's way over my face and I know I am blushing. "so.." I say so that he will stop staring at me with so much intensity.  "It's beautiful, your beautiful!" he tells me and my cheeks flush an even redder colour. "Thanxs I say. your beautiful too, I mean good looking," I reply my words falling over each other. I turn around and smack myself in the head. Your beautiful too, really? so lame,I tell myself turning around and giving him the fakest smile I can manage. The bell suddenly rings making me jump, but also saving me from anymore embarassment. "Well your next class is here, I guess you could meet me at lunch," I said, "Because we have the last three classes together." He glanced around and so did I, everyone was staring at us. I could see Anthony tense. "Okay cya," He said quickly and walked off. "Yeah cya," I said miserebly over my shoulder as I walked away.

I took a seat at the back of the classroom away from everyone else because I just wanted to be alone. "Please open.." Mrs Ensultan said but I blocked her voice ouyt as I stared out the window thinking of Anthony. His perfect sea blue eyes, his luscious blonde hair, his sexyhalf smile and that body. He was like a god. He had called me beautiful, but if he meant it then why did he go so tense when people saw us together. I know iv'e only just met him, but it's love at first sight, right? Anyway I get to see him at lunch, i'll figure it out then. I must have been zoned out for ages because I heard Mrs Ensultan say "Homework is to read page 7,8 and 9of your novel, okay you make pack up." I pinched myself, stay focused but a voice in my head said no. BRIING!! went the lunch time bell and I got up as the teacher made her way towards me. "Gotta pee," I yelled at her, pushing through the door, slinging my bag on my back and walked away as fast as I could. I made my way towards the cafeteria and took a seat at an empty table. I frantically searched the room for Anthony and couldn't find him. 10 minutes past, 30 minutes past. where was he? Maybe this whole thing was a dream, maybe i'll pinch myself and wake up. I closed my eyes and pinched the skin on my left arm. Then I opened them again and saw Anthony making his way towards me.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it's not a dream. I thought. "Hey Anabeth," he said casually taking a seat beside me. My heart melted like butter and my insides turned to jelly as he gave me his famous smile again. "H-Hey," I said as calmy as I could and he gave me the look that said 'are you okay' and I nodded my head. I could feel stares burning holes in the back of my head as I got lost in a conversation with Anthony. I quickly looked behind me and saw Olyvia the head cheerleader giving me the dirtiest look and she yelled "Anabeth is a fat, ugly mole," when she saw me looking. After that things got a lot more uncomfortable. "I can't take it anymore!" I murmured jumping up and heading outside, not caring if Anthony followed. I could feel my eyes burning, as a stray tear fell down my cheek. I swiped it away and sat on the stone wall. I hoisted myself up as the tears kept falling, "Go away!" I said out loud not caring who heard me. "I'm sorry," I heard someone say and I knew it was Anthony. I buried my face in my hands as he hoisted himself up beside me. I looked over at him and he opened his arms and said "come here." I hesitated for a bit but then snuggled into him, I burried my face in his chest. He smelt like grass just after it rains, really good. He wrapped his arms around me "It's okay," he told me. " I'm sorry you have to see me like this, but olyvia the head cheerleader gives me hell all the time, but you came along and you were so nice to me and i thought things would be different," I blabbed all over him.

"No i'm not like that," he said honestly and I looked up at him and he took my face in his hands. "your also very beautiful when you cry," he tells me. A strangled laugh came out my throat and he moved his lips towards mine and was about to kiss me, when... BRINNG!! the bell rang, he let go of my face and moved away. I straightened myself up and wiped my face on my jumper, breathe I told myself. "Wel, umm let's go to class," I said as I jumped down. I jumped down and almost fell but he grabbed my waist and held me steady. He let his hands linger their and looked me in the eyes. "Umm, we will be late," I whispered and he let me go quickly. "Oh sorry," he saiys giving me a quick smile and we walk of to class in silence.

I took a seat at the back of the classroom like I always did and took out my stuff. Anthony walked towards me when "Anthony come sit over here with me," It was Olyvia the head cheerleader. "umm, sorry but I'm sitting at the back," he said sarcastically and Olyvias huge fake smile dissapeared from her face as she cast me the dirtiest look ever. I smiled to myself, that would teach her. Butterflies flluttered in my stomach again as he sat down next to me. "Do you have a spare pen," he asked me just as Mr Chong came in the class. I handed him a pen and he smiled a thanxs, my insides turned to jelly. Why did he have this affect on me? My thoughts were interupted by Mr Chong "Ms Everley what is the answer to this problem?" I looked up at the board and it said 2x+2b-3xyb=. Crap I forgot how do this. A moment past. "so Ms Everly..." Mr Chong asked. "umm sir I don't know," I said shyly and he gave me a disapointed look. "anyone else?" he asked and Anthony answered, "sir I think I know the answer." He got up and went to the board. He solved it and walked back to take a seat giving me a sympathetic smile. " thank you Mr Richardson," Mr Chong says. I looked over at Anthony and mouthed a thank you and he gave me a thumbs up. I turned back to the teacher and payed attention. I thought I owed it to him for not knowing the answer to the question. Halfway through the lesson I still couldn't concentrate. I sighed and Anthony looked over at me. I felt him watching me and I blushed. Then what he did next made me feel like i had melted through the carpet. " I can't concentrate," I told him. I felt a hand grab mine and our fingers entwined. I look down at our hajnds and see they fit perfectly together. "Does this help[?" he asks me and I give him a smile and he gives me one back. "Yeah it does," I murmer and he squeezes my hand.

If your wondering it actually did help, I could concentrate so much better. I don't


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